The world was in desperate need for an adjustment.
That adjustment is what we are starting to experience.

We’re learning to appreciate what we have.
We’re learning that we aren’t in control of anything.
We’re learning the importance of family and community.
We’re learning that money and power are worthless.
We’re learning that there’s nothing more important than our health.
We’re learning that weddings don’t need to be fancy or huge.
We’re learning that it doesn’t matter what designer clothing we wear.

Hopefully, when this all ends, the world will be cleaner, kinder, more ethical, moral, compassionate, generous, and united.

Parents will love their children.
Children will respect their parents.
Nobody will take what they are blessed with for granted.
People will understand their responsibilities to their families.
There will be a strong sense of community.
There will be more collaboration and less competition.
Each of us will be a shining light on the world.

I cannot wait until this is over.
I cannot wait for the new world.
It will happen if we each do our part.