As October 31st draws ever closer, creepy Halloween music will undoubtedly slither back into the public consciousness (as a precursor to the true nightmare to come: Christmas music). Of course holiday classics like Thriller, Monster Mash, Time Warp, Dead Man’s Party, and This Is Halloween will inevitably get stuck in all our heads, but there are some less infamous horror hits that deserve to be resurrected for your Halloween playlist this year.

Here’s a list of our Top 15 Spooky Jams for your All Hallows Eve party playlist (that Billboard hasn’t picked up on yet)!


15. Stalker from Marina | Walkie-Talkie by Tim Taler and Detsky Sad


14. The Vicious Cabaret from V for Vendetta by David J



13. Pink Cigarette from California by Mr. Bungle 


12. Thank God I’m Pretty from Opheliac by Emilie Autumn



11. You’re Dead from Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog by Norma Tanega

10. Skullcrusher Mountain from JoCo Looks Back by Jonathan Coulton

9. Bank of Boston Beauty Queen from Twisted Cabaret Vol. 1 by Amanda Palmer

8. The Villain I Appear to Be (Single) by Connor Spiotto ft. Molly Pease

7. WhosThatInTheTree from ACCOUNTING+ by Bones, Casper, Justin Roiland, The Accountants (prod. Silkersoft & hnrk)


6. The Creep from Turtleneck & Chain by The Lonely Island ft Nicki Minaj


5. When You’re Evil from The Devil’s Bris by Aurelio Voltaire

4. The Magic (Single) by Lola Blanc

3. The Dismemberment Song from Upright, Love by Blue Kid


2. Any Kind of Dead Person from Ghost Quartet by Ghost Quartet 

1. Spooky Boy (Single) by Danny Gonzalez


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