Skincare with the most powerful ingredients that provide antioxidants and vitamins that help balance skin’s PH levels and keeps it hydrated. Teaology is a new revolutionary brand with 3 different serums, Vitamin C, Peptide and Hyaluronic acid. 

Teaology has made its research for what ingredients are best for the skin, each formula is vegan and contains 99% natural origin ingredients that are tea-infused and has 0% water. With patented technology, Teaology is the first of its kind to use tea infusion in its products. The array of teas that Teaology uses are green, black, white and matcha, all of which have their own strengths for different benefits and skin types.

Black tea is known to be the strongest form of tea so it is used to energize and perfect. Blue tea may not be very common for people, but it may seem obvious as it is used for hydration and brightening. Green tea is the most common of them all, it is common to drink green tea after a big meal, so naturally, green tea is used for detoxifying and purifying. White tea is known as premature or baby green tea that is why it is used for anti-ageing and firming. Last but certainly not least is matcha, matcha is known to have the most health benefits that’s why it is used for nourishing and antioxidants. 

Hyaluronic Infusion Serum $33:


Made with blue oolong the rich and silky texture of the hyaluronic serum is quickly absorbed into your skin and leaves no sticky residue or feeling. The blue tea helps with hydration and brightening, elasticity and lifting. This is good for skin types that are normal, oily, dry and sensitive. 

Vitamin C Infusion Serum $33:


Also known as the glow serum this vitamin C infused serum is a black tea serum great for normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin. Using organic black tea this serum has an impalpable fluid that feels like it melts on your skin. As it works all over your skin including the face, eyes and neck. The formula is biocompatible that means it can be used with other facial products.

Peptide Infused Serum $33: 


Best known or anti-ageing the peptide serum is made with white tea, aka baby green tea. It is a rich and velvety serum that is free of parabens, SLS and synthetic colours. Rich in antioxidants the multi-peptide stimulates collagen synthesis and hydrates, it tones, firms, and leaves skin less wrinkly, gives elasticity and looks smoother. 

Published by HOLR Magazine