This winter, esthetician and certified skin therapist Vee Mistry of SKINBYVEE launched her first-ever Skin Edition, Experience Box, a limited-edition collection featuring two curated experiential packages to support skincare concerns and needs. 

The unique experience collection includes a set of SKINBYVEE signature Gua Sha Cryo Sticks which use cold therapy to activate the skin through self-massage, along with a custom skincare product targeted to a specific skincare concern. A tutorial video with skincare tips, self-massage how-to and education led by Vee Mistry is also included, providing an added level of education and experience. 

“I wanted to create something that my clients could use at any time, where they can experience having me right there with them, from the comfort of their own home. I want to take the confusion and complication out of facial massage and empower others to take skincare into their own hands (literally!)”, says SKINBYVEE founder Vee Mistry. 

The collection targets two key skincare needs; Stressed Skin for Rosacea, Sensitive skin & Acne and a Sculpt & Contour to de-puff and lift. 

Both packages include her recently launched Gua Sha Cryo Sticks, which are exclusive to SKINBYVEE and are uniquely designed to improve circulation and allow for longer cooling ability with a signature gel pad built into the ladle. The tutorial video allows users to recreate Vee’s unique facial massage with the Gua Sha Cryo Sticks allowing for impactful and immediate results. 

The packages are available at or in person at her studio. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, Mistry has worked on thousands of faces and has developed a highly tailored approach to the art of facials. Tapping into her intuition, listening to the language of the skin and creating customized science-backed treatments is her signature approach. The experience package contains her signature Gua Sha Cryo Sticks and two of her favourite skincare products, alongside an educational tutorial video, which allows for a professional at-home experience.

SKINBYVEE Experience Package, Stressed Skin for Rosacea, Sensitive Skin or Acne Developed for those struggling with sensitivity, flushing, acne and or Rosacea skin. 

Price: $265 


  • SKINBYVEE signature Gua Sha Cryo Sticks 
  • 20g Elemis Cleansing Balm 
  • Facial Massage and how-to tutorial video 

SKINBYVEE Experience Package, Sculpt & Contour to de-puff and lift skin Developed for those struggling with a puffiness around the face and eyes as well as premature aging and sagging. 

Price: $325 

What’s Included 

  • SKINBYVEE Signature Gua Sha Cryo Sticks 
  • Circcell Nancy’s Blend oil 30ml (price is $45CDN) 
  • Facial Massage and how-to tutorial video 

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