If you are planning on hitting the open road and going exploring in your RV, there are some important things you want to know, and make sure you don’t forget those little items that will make the experience that much better. When packing, you want to start with the basics, and add on from there. Fancy gadgets and games can be great, but the first steps you want to take when packing are to ensure you have all the basics handled first.

Camping in an RV means that you are taking your whole home with you, the kitchen included! But since an RV already has a kitchen sink, you need to make sure you aren’t taking your own with you! Packing light and smart for RV cooking are imperative to making sure you’re not bombarded with unnecessary items. 

When packing you, there are the go-to items you want to take with you, and make sure you think twice about taking too much! 

Here are some great tips for getting back to basics as you plan your ideal RV travel checklist!

Choosing the Right RV and Adventure

While you may already be the owner of an RV, many people will be experiencing their first RV adventure, and this begins with choosing the right RV for your needs. 

When you head out onto the road for your RV adventure, remember that you are attempting to be a fully self-sufficient bud on space and weight budget. You can find some guides for packing for different trips at smartexploring.com, and these guides can be incredibly helpful to your planning phase. Having an appropriate packing list and preparing for your trip can allow you to keep your packing minimal due to space and transportability concerns, but also taking with you everything you need to ensure a comfortable adventure.

Extension Cords are a Must

No matter where you are going, you will need to plug in at some point to recharge your RV batteries, or simply keep yourself powered if you are in an RV campground. Going off on an RV trip means that you have what you need to be contained in your RV, but many of these systems won’t work without an appropriate power connection.

Make sure you have your power needs covered by packing extension cords for all your power needs.


While RVs have water containment systems, that water should be used for cleaning and bathing. Bringing drinking water jugs is essential. When packing, having a refillable potable water source is important.

Even though your water systems are contained in the RV, you want to cook and drink with water that is from a truly potable source. Don’t take small bottles with you, have a potable water system planned, and ensure the health and happiness of your family while on their adventure.

Dishware Settings and Drinking Glasses

You don’t need a 16 person meal setting unless you are traveling with 16 people! Reduce your overall weight and increase cabinet space by only taking enough bowls and plates for the people in your traveling party, and maybe one spare in case you have an unexpected visitor. 

Kitchen Utensils

You want to make sure to take cooking utensils with you, but you don’t necessarily need everything. As you probably won’t be cooking 5-course meals in your RV, make sure you are planning to take the utensils you need, such as a can opener,  serving spoon, and spatula. 

RV cooking can be delicious without all the glitz and glam of the at-home accessories. 


When packing for your trip make sure you have appropriate bedding available. You may not want to take the biggest comforter you can find, as this will be harder to contain within the RV. But you also don’t want to be left out in the cold. While RVs have their heating and cooling systems, it is important to ensure you can stay warm if something happens that leaves you without heating.

If you make sure that you keep your mainstay items, such as kitchen supplies and bedding to a minimum, this will leave you more space for food and gadgets you may want to take with you. 

While there are many more considerations to make, a lot of your packing will be geared towards your plans for location and destination. But no matter where you are going, make sure you have these basic accessories ready, so you can enjoy your RV adventure with little to no concerns. Make sure that you get all the right information to ensure your RV will be able to give you the full experience you are looking for.