Looking for a place to get away from after these long years in lockdown? You’re not alone! Plenty of people will be booking flights and leaving for the beach this summer. You could join them and fight through the crowds to get to places like Disney World, Hollywood, or New York City. Or you could look for a place that offers a variety of natural views, exciting city activities, and is dripping with history. You could plan a trip to Ontario, Canada. 

Ontario is a huge region that contains a lot of diverse activities. The parks are a must for nature lovers as they have gorgeous hiking trails and stunning water features. The cities have nightlife, family-friendly attractions, and unique restaurants that feature views of the skyline. In between are interesting bits of history and the latest trends. For instance, Ontario has legal casinos and sports betting, which can soon be done through convenient apps. 


CN Tower

If you love climbing to the highest heights, you can check out some of Canada’s mountains. Or you can go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. This pointed wonder of architecture is visible from everywhere in the city. Likewise, going to the top gives you a view of the whole city. There are several ways to observe depending on how brave you are. Certain parts offer window views, and you can even walk along the edge with a safety harness if you want the best view. If you want to take in the view over a period of time, there’s a restaurant with windows and a rotating floor. 


Ontario Casinos

Ontario allows gambling through casinos right now, whether it be table games, slots, or sports betting. Online casinos in Ontario are legal and on the way, pending a few last licensing details. When online casinos are active, you’ll be able to use your laptop or phone to place bets and play games. Sports betting is a huge industry that’s booming with the advent of online betting. When you visit, you could catch a classic Canadian hockey game and bet on it using a sportsbook app. 


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls can be a great first stop if you’re coming to Ontario from New York in the United States. Both countries have their own unique view of the falls. On the Canadian side, you’ll also be able to take a boat tour of the bottom. One attraction even takes you behind the waterfall for a different perspective. Nearby are several restaurants so you can have a nice intro to Canada with a meal overlooking the falls. 


Parliament Hill And Changing Of The Guard

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is the capital of the nation, and comes in a look reminiscent of 1800s Europe, looking very similar to a government building you’d see in London. The Peace Tower in the center is a popular photo backdrop and a good place to meet friends for a day of sightseeing. There are also free tours of the parliament building available. 

If you’re visiting in summer, you should wait by the Centennial Flame in front of the building. There you can see a ceremony for the changing of the guard, complete with all the pomp you’d expect. 


Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Ontario’s parks are too numerous to list, but there’s one for every kind of visit. Some go through nature trails, offer campgrounds, and weave through forests. Others have peaceful lakes where you can boat and fish. Petroglyphs Provincial Park is special in that you can find hundreds-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings intact. This is a great trip for the family as it gives exercise and education in equal measure. 



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