Thinking about bathroom renovations? Planning to change the appearance of your bathroom is a big responsibility when you have a good sense of remodeling the space. There are a lot of things to be considered before starting the renovation idea at your bathroom space. Things become more appreciable when you design your bathroom according to your taste and within your budget as well. Bathroom Renovations are obviously costlier than you think and sometimes goes out of budget and there is when one starts thinking of using low quality material or starts compromising with the style but what if you get the same material at an affordable price at Port Macquarie?

7 Things to Consider:


Light effects a lot when the question is about relaxing yourself after a long tiring day. Install the lights in such a way that it doesn’t give a stressful effect on your eyes that will irritate you more rather than relaxing. Make sure you plan to place a light above the mirror and separate lighting for particularly your bath area. Di m lighting at your bath area will relax your mood and a bit bright light above the mirror works well for doing other stuff whether it is shaving for men or makeup for women.

Wall-hung toilets:

Considering wall hung toilets for your bathroom is certainly a good idea. These wall hung toilets are trending as well as super space saving material. Adding floor mounted toilets is out of trend these days and they actually cover more space as compared to the wall hung toilets. So it is better to choose wall hung toilets and just follow with the trend.

Shower floors:

Stop settling down yourself for those slippery tiles due to your budget. Choose the best matte finish textured tiles that fit your budget well while planning for bathroom renovations at Port Macquarie. Small textured matte finish tiles offer more toeholds.

Drawer storage:

Consider choosing the vanity with some small accommodating blocks that helps you arranging your accessories in a well managed way. Drawers are easier to organize and access your stuff.

A window in the shower:

A tilts and turn window for your shower area works well while thinking of privacy and fresh air simultaneously. It’s an amazing feature if installed correctly.

Shower bases:

Get rid of those beige or white pre-fabricated shower bases and choose some modern, trending, different colored bases for your bathroom at Port Macquarie. It’s time to peter out those boring colored items and choose some better ones according to your taste and theme.


Residential plumbing on an average requires a bit broader pipes for drainage. The hairs left after the head wash and gunk goes down that drainage pipes. Larger drainage pipes are less likely to clog up.

Call up an expert for planning and suggesting you the best bathroom renovations material at Port Macquarie that is pocket friendly as well as assures you for the guaranteed material for your bathroom.

Why to settle for the cheap material when you can choose the high quality material in your budget? Renovating a home can be one of the single best ways to increase your properties value. For other renovation needs in the area, Watara Homes also specialises in Brisbane house extensions. Look into getting a quote today.