Can you think of anything worse than laboring over your artistic layer of eyeshadow and cutthroat liner only to realize your Michelangelo suddenly resembles Dali’s Persistence of Memory?

Or how about when you greet someone and your embrace leaves your face on their crisp white shirt? Both scenarios are makeup faux pas that are happily coming to an end – that is right, all your transfer and melting fears are finally getting put to rest.

We all love a good makeup beat that allows us to brave these summer heat waves, or at least last a two-hour nonstop performance in the desert.

You can do this by introducing a simple step to your routine with setting spray, just a few spritz will allow your makeup to prolong your mellow mornings and humid nights.


If there were a setting a spray that could withstand any type of battle Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray is a close match.

Not only is this spray designed to resist excess moisture but it also keeps your making looking fresh, even 10-hours after the original application.

This sweat-proof application is also recommended for all skin types and it is gentle for daily use.

Ben Nye

For all performers who dream of your very own Beychella show stopping production you will want to add this water-resistant spray in your makeup bag.

Ben Nye’s Final Seal Matte is a smudge proof spray that locks in your look. When you are entertaining for hours, you do not have to worry about your foundation dripping onto any parts of your body since this spray keeps makeup in place (even through heavy sweat).

If you fall under the oily, or sensitive skin category you will be delighted to know that this setting spray is light weight with a minty fresh finish.

PPI Premiere Products

PPI Premiere Product’s Blue Marble SeLr Spray is an excellent addition for those who deal with sensitive skin, and we know how hard it can be searching for beauty items when your facial tissues are easily irritated.

This water-based spray seals just about anything from street to theatrical makeup (if movie stars are using it then you should too).

Just like Ben Nye’s spray, Blue Marble has light and gentle finish for everyday use, holds the strength for special effects, plus, you do not have to stress about breaking out.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is weightless and keeps your makeup looking like it was freshly applied for up to 16-hours.

Since we have strayed away from using sprays that feel sticky or tight on the skin, this applicator delivers a microfine mist that it so light you will barely feel it.

But wait, there is more – this formula features a patented Temperature Control Technology which lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep concealer, eyeshadow, foundation etc in place, regardless of the weather conditions. The finishing results are exactly what you anticipated, smooth skin with a vibrancy that lasts all day.

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