Tiger Woods Girlfriend Lawsuit: Erica Herman Lawsuit Explained

Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend Erica Herman, 39, has sued the pro golfer for $30 million and has alleged that he sexually abused her in a separate filing this week. In the lawsuit, Erica Herman claims that Tiger made her sign a non-disclosure agreement that she was forced into signing that she now wants to void.

Tiger Woods Sued

According to the court documents, Erica did not go into detail about the sexual abuse allegations but marked a box on the paperwork expressing that sexual abuse was involved. In the second court filing, Herman is suing Tiger Woods for $30 million due to ‘severe emotional damage’. She claims that Woods tricked her into moving away from their mansion in Florida, which they had shared for 6 years.

Herman alleges that Tiger had convinced her to go on a vacation and once she was at the airport, his reps told her that she would no longer be allowed back into the house. She said that $40,000 of her money was removed from the house and that Tigers reps made ‘scurrilous and defamatory allegations about how she got her hands on the money.

Erica Herman believes she is entitled to $30 million in damages as she claims she endured ‘breaches of duty’ that resulted in her experiencing severe emotional damage.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman have been dating since 2017 when they first stepped out publicly in September 2017 at the Presidents Cup. It was revealed that the pair broke up in March 2023, after Herman filed her lawsuit. According to Herman’s claims, she had an oral agreement with Tiger to be able to live on the property for another 5 years.

Tiger Woods claims that the pair broke up on October 13, 2022 and that her wanting to live on the property is “directly adverse’ to the interests of him and his children.

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