We live in an age where everybody is concerned with being environmentally friendly. Traditionally, sports utility vehicles were considered to be very harmful to the environment. Nowadays, this is not the case. SUVs can actually be very environmentally friendly.

By 2030, governments around the world are aiming to completely phase out vehicles that fuel pollution. There’s never been a better time than now to invest in an environmentally friendly SUV.

In this article, we’ll tell you a few tips and tricks that you can use to choose the most eco-friendly SUV for you:

Electric and Hybrid Cars

If you want to buy an environmentally friendly SUV, then you’ll need to start looking at electric and hybrid cars. These vehicles are very efficient and cause very little harm (if any) to the environment. Electric vehicles are fully powered by electricity, while hybrid vehicles are powered by fuel and electricity. These vehicles can be very expensive, which is why according to this car dealer in Pembroke Pines, Florida, you can purchase them on finance and lease them. Electric and hybrid vehicles are an investment into the future. They’re a great way to give back to the environment and cut down on your carbon emissions.

Lightweight Vehicles

When you’re shopping for an SUV, you should aim to find the lightest one that you can. This will reduce the vehicle’s environmental impact. Lightweight vehicles are typically constructed from recycled materials, which makes them a much more superior option than a vehicle that’s crafted from newly forged metals. Lightweight vehicles typically also do not have leather interiors. Instead, they have durable, recycled upholstery. Not only are lightweight vehicles better for the environment in terms of their construction, but they also consume less fuel and they’re more aerodynamic.

Emissions Sensor

Another feature that you should look for when you’re shopping for an eco-friendly SUV is emissions sensors. These sensors can be installed on your vehicle and will tell you whether your vehicle’s emissions are exceeding EPA limits. If they are, then you can complain to the dealer or alternatively find a new vehicle. Newer, more eco-friendly vehicles tend to already have these sensors installed. It’s definitely worthwhile searching for a vehicle with them so that you can monitor your vehicle’s emissions all of the time.

LED Lights

LED lights are much more efficient than traditional lights found in vehicles. They’re also much less harmful to the environment. They can also be much more powerful, which means that you’re at less of a chance of having an accident. LED lights are easy to change also. They’re the most environmentally friendly option that you have when it comes to car lighting. They can be used inside your car and on your vehicle’s external lights. LED lights are also much more affordable.

Sat Nav

Modern satellite navigation systems come with maps that notify you when there’s been an accident. The less time that you spend on the road, the less harm you do to the environment. Make sure that the SUV you buy has a built-in satellite navigation system so that you can always take the quickest route. Satellite navigation systems will typically calculate the fastest and most efficient route for you, which saves you a lot of hassle.

Accident Alerts

Some modern cars have built-in accident alert systems. These systems essentially tell you when you’re at a higher risk of having an accident. This could be because one of your tires is deflated, or because you are too close to the car in front of you. These alert systems can prove to be very effective in the reduction and prevention of car accidents.

Air Filtration

Air filtration systems are a great addition to any car, particularly SUVs, which have larger cabins. Air filtration systems remove pollution, allergens, bacteria, and contaminates from your car’s interior. This feature is something that you should definitely look for when you’re buying an SUV. Most eco-friendly vehicle manufacturers include or will include this feature. Cleaner air means you are less likely to develop respiratory infections and illnesses. If you care about the health of your lungs, then find a car with a filtration system.

Sustainable Manufacturers

It’s very important that you only endorse and support sustainable manufacturers. If an environmentally friendly SUV is made by a company that causes a lot of harm to the environment with other vehicles that they produce, then avoid them. Sustainability is the future. Make sure you support sustainable brands and manufacturers only.

It’s not always easy to choose an environmentally friendly SUV. With this handy article, you’ll be able to identify and select the most efficient and environmentally friendly SUV every single time.

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