If you have ever conducted a formal property dealing, you must know that a land survey is crucial to map out the defined boundaries of the property. A land survey is also essential for each party involved in the deal to understand the actual value of the concerned property and avoid conflicts.


If you are still wondering why/how land surveying is beneficial for landowners and what purpose it serves. Do not worry!


This guide will aim to decipher all that you need to know about land surveying and provide invaluable tips to find the best legal and construction survey services out there. 

What is Land Surveying?


Land surveying is the practice of establishing or reestablishing corners, lines, and boundaries of your property following its legal documents and the area’s municipal regulations. This practice also involves associated services such as analysis and interpretation of survey data, planning, and design, dealing with legal jargon, mapping, drafting construction layouts, and measuring the dimensions of the overall land area. 


Simply put, it is the graphic layout of your property, and the job of a dedicated land surveyor is to determine the exact boundary of a person’s property. The surveyor follows legal documents to locate the boundaries on the physical land and marks it for the landowner.


Therefore, it is fair to say that land surveying requires both archaeological knowledge and investigative skills. This combination of two contrasting fields helps professionals extract vital information to determine and protect your property rights. 

Why Do You Need a Land Survey? 


A land survey is a vital aspect of the construction process, be it a small workshop or a house.


But why? 


A land survey not only determines what you can build on the designated land but also pinpoints where and how to do it. Although land surveys are not mandatory according to the law, it can be costly not to have one.




Land surveys are vital to avoid costly legal blunders and disputes like building on another person’s property. It also helps the builders be wary of the local building codes and regulations. Furthermore, it can help identify potential loopholes in the original construction plans while assisting architects to work around them. Thus, saving both time and money for landowners. 


The truth is, paying a relatively small sum of money for a land survey can save you from incurring heavy financial losses in the future. 

How To Find the Right Land Surveying Service? 


The land surveying process is not as simple as it may sound. It is a highly complex and technical job that requires a skilled workforce. Therefore, you must choose an experienced and well-reputed service to get the job done. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best land surveying service: 

Look for Performance Reviews


As per Canadian law, all land survey companies require a license to operate within the country’s jurisdiction. However, this can’t be viewed as a measure of the company’s performance and credibility. It is always preferable to choose a land surveying company by analyzing its performance reviews and asking other professionals for recommendations. 


You can browse through the Internet and search for the most trusted land surveying services within your area. On most websites, you can also find testimonials from past customers. That can give you a decent idea of the quality of service it provides. 


We highly discourage landowners from choosing a company from the yellow pages or a random advertisement. Safeguard your investment and ensure that you only hire the services of an award-winning company. Well, if you reside in Calgary and are looking for fast, efficient land surveying solutions, then Axiom Geomatics may be the service for you. It serves Calgary, Red Deer, and surrounding communities.

Technology is the Way Forward


The land surveying process requires both technical skills and complex technologies. You would want to hire the services of a company that uses the most advanced land surveying equipment. That would help ensure the accuracy of the surveying process. The advent of electronic measuring tools and GPS has automated the procedure while also enhancing its efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.  


Don’t Compromise on Quality for Cost


As good as it feels to save some extra bucks, it is never a good idea to compromise on quality. Ensure that you do not opt for a service just because it makes sense financially. A few surveying mistakes here and there can turn out to be very costly in the long run. Therefore, you must meet with different professional surveyors and choose a company that offers the best services while being cost-friendly. 

Land surveying plays a vital role in the process of site development from its planning through construction. A professional team of land surveyors can provide you with much-needed support for any stage in your construction project.


published on Holr Magazine