Planning a cross-country road trip but with a limited budget? Here are some tips you can use for an affordable road trip.

Tips For An Affordable Fall Road Trip

Plan your route ahead of time 

The best way to budget your money is to budget your time. Weeks or even months before taking the trip, do your research on where you plan to go. Plan out your route ahead of time and while you are at it, locate preferable lodging or camping spots along the way.

Find affordable places to stay 

Camping sites are either free or a cheaper option than a hotel. Either way, you are saving money. Look for campsites in your route and bring camping gear with you. 

Another good alternative is to couch-surf with friends and family. If it’s only for a night or two, consider this option for a more relaxed (and cheap) lodging. 

Tips For An Affordable Fall Road Trip

Photo Credit: Everett Mcintire via Unsplash

Bring camp stove and food 

With that being said, bring your own easy-to-prepare food that you can make on a camp stove. Packing your food instead of eating out every night will do wonders in your budget. Besides, the camping experience will only heighten the outdoor adventure you are going for. And while you’re at it, bring a reusable water bottle too and refill it for free on camping sites or parks.

A $5 cup of coffee can also rack up the bills so it’s more economical to make your own. Invest in an AeroPress and make coffee on the go! 

Visit free attractions 

Parks, beaches, hiking trails, or events free of charge can be in your travel itinerary. While researching for your route, you can look up events and attractions that are either free or within the budget. Sites like Eventbrite are a good way to look for events you might be interested in. 

You should also consider staying in one location for more than a day rather than spend all of your time driving. Not only does it save gas, but it will also be less stressful for you.  

Maintain your car 

Your vehicle will be your new best friend for the rest of the trip. Make sure the car is in top shape before, during, and after the trip. Do the necessary repairs or maintenance that will make your trip a lot easier. 

If you’re using a rental car, do just the same care as you would with your own car. It also couldn’t hurt to keep the car clean. This is where you will be spending so much of your time, so keep it nice and tidy as much as you can. 

Lastly, Don’t be on vacation mode. 

The blog Take The Truck mentioned in a blog post that when going on a road trip, don’t have a vacation mindset. Usually, when we condition ourselves to be on vacation mode, we are more likely to do or buy things that we would not usually do at home. A vacation on a budget does not need to be any less fun. 

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