Known for its fantastic shopping, museums, restaurants for all taste buds, and out-of-this-world festivals, it’s easy to see why millions of people from all over the globe head to Montreal every year.

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If you’re about to become one of them, there are certain things you can do to cut corners and lower the overall cost. No one wants to pay more than they have to, so if a Montreal vacation is on the cards, knowing what strategies to use can be highly lucrative.

From when to book flights to comparing accommodation options, here are our expert tips that you need to check out before sealing the deal.

Book Flights Early

If there’s one tip we cannot stress enough, it’s to book your flights to Montreal as early as possible. This is because the earlier you do so, the more deals you can take advantage of. While you can score a bargain last minute, your options will be limited. Once you book cheap flights to Montreal, any money left over can be put to fund the rest of your trip.

What’s more, when you book flights well in advance, you have more options of being seated with loved ones. For those who have a fear of flying, the idea of sitting away from family next to strangers may fill you with dread. To get the cheapest deal, it’s wise to use comparison websites and apps. Never settle for the first price you see. A bit of research could see you save hundreds of dollars.

Don’t Fly at Popular Times

When planning a Montreal vacation, we understand you’ll likely favour morning and afternoon flights, rather than nighttime. However, if you’re serious about saving money and want to stick to a tight budget, the time you fly can make all the difference. Early morning flights in particular tend to be the most expensive. If you don’t want to part with excess cash, it’s wise to avoid flying at popular times.

Sure, night flights may mean there’s not much to look at outside the plane window. But, with a wad of cash you’ve saved, once you land and the sun rises, you can spend it on going to fun attractions and sampling the wonderful Montreal cuisine!


Avoid Peak Season

As well as the time of day you fly, there are certain months of the year that will be busier and cost more than others. Understandably, when school is out for summer, this is when the airports are filled, with many families jetting off on an adventure. If you can do so, avoid flying during the summer months.

During the off-season, you’ll find flights are cheaper. What’s more, there won’t be huge crowds to sift through at the airport. While Montreal is bustling in the summer months, plenty of tourists descend on the city during the fall and winter too. However, be warned that temperatures will dip during these seasons, so ensure you pack appropriate clothing.

Compare Hotels

Now we’ve tackled all things flying, it’s time to focus on accommodation. Because Montreal is a major city in Canada, it has a vast choice of hotels to pick from. For those who want to save as much money as possible, it’s wise to not only book your hotel in advance but shop around for the best deals. One website may show a completely different cost than the next (for the same hotel and nights!). It will go in your favor to compare accommodation options before jumping on the plane.

You also need to have a think about what you want to get out of the hotel. Are you planning a trip full of sightseeing? If so, you may only use your hotel as a base for sleeping. This means you can forego certain amenities. A budget hotel may be perfect in this instance, which will normally work out cheaper.

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Map Out Meals and Eating Expenses

Whether you’re off to Montreal for a couple of nights, a week, or even longer, you’re going to need to keep your tummy full during your time away. When on vacation, you may want to treat yourself and dine out. However, this can prove pricey. If you’re on a strict budget but want to wine and dine every night, this will soon burn a hole through your pocket.

If you want to keep costs down, why not consider renting an apartment during your stay? Instead of staying in a hotel room, an apartment will have a kitchen. This means you can save money by heading to a grocery store in Montreal, picking up some food, and cooking it yourself. Of course, you’ll want to go out a few times to try out Montreal’s cuisine, but if you want to lower costs, why not have breakfast and lunch at your apartment instead?

Take Public Transport

There is so much to see and do in Montreal. From a visit to Montreal Quebec Canada Museum to taking a stroll through Montreal Royal Park, whatever is on the agenda, why not take a bus or train to get from A to B? Of course, a cab is one of the quickest and most convenient options, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. If you want to save money on your vacation, it’s wise to mingle with other tourists and locals and take the metro.

Thankfully, Montreal has excellent transport links. With just four lines connecting the downtown centre to all the major tourist attractions, train stations, and bus stops, you’ll soon get the hang of things and be able to navigate around. Just make sure you look at trip fees first. You may find it works out cheaper to get a day pass on the metro.


Score Deals on Attractions

Are you planning to go sightseeing every day while in Montreal? If the answer is yes, then chances are you’ll need to buy tickets to enter attractions. Whether you head to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or take a short trip out of the city to the Ecomuseum Zoo of Montreal to see the animals of Quebec, there are all kinds of deals you can make use of which can save you money.

If you’re going on a family vacation, we appreciate that the cost of attraction tickets can quickly add up. Therefore, to save money, it’s wise to book your tickets online and in advance. To avoid disappointment, make sure you look at opening times.

Pack Light

Some of us like to pack our entire closet into our suitcases, whereas others are more minimalistic and only take the basics. If you fall into the former category, it’s time to think about packing light. There are many pluses for doing so. Firstly, packing light means you may only need to bring along carry-on luggage. This means you won’t have to pay out for putting luggage in the hold.

Another benefit of packing light will mean you aren’t lugging around a heavy suitcase as you get from A to B. Before heading out the door, create a checklist of the essentials you need. Doing so will ensure you don’t leave anything important behind.

However long you’ll be in Montreal there are lots of tactics you can use that can save you some serious money on your upcoming vacation. Whether you’re going on a family adventure, romantic break, or a solo trip, the tips above can lower costs significantly, meaning there’s more money in your back pocket that can be spent on other things.

Published by HOLR Magazine.