This year the coldest season might be harder for some, especially students. With the cold weather, online school, seasonal depression, and the effects of the ongoing pandemic, it might be harder for students to stay motivated this winter. Here are a few tips that might help you out if you need a little extra strength this upcoming season:

Find out what time of the day you’re most productive at

Some people like waking up early while others prefer to sleep in. Depending on which of these two options you feel more comfortable with, you can plan your day around it. If you feel more motivated with sunlight, waking up early might be a good option for you. That way you have a better chance at finishing your work before the sun starts setting. If you feel more motivated after being well rested and don’t mind working after the sun sets, you can wake up late or rest during the afternoon and get back to work afterwards.


Try to exercise


While it might seem less likely that you’d like to exercise in the cold months when it sounds better to be wrapped up in a blanket, it might help you feel better. When you exercise, your levels of endorphins and dopamine, which are brain chemicals associated with the feeling of happiness, increase. Exercising can also help you keep warm and you don’t necessarily have to go out into the cold to do it, you can find several at-home workouts online. You can try to sneak a few minutes in between classes and assignments to stretch or do a few exercises.

Change your surroundings



You can decorate your room or the room you use to study. If remembering warmer days makes you feel better, you can print a few pictures of your favourite summer destinations and put them somewhere visible. Another good idea would be keeping decorations with vibrant colours around. If you prefer a holiday theme, keeping around scented candles, blankets, and even Christmas decorations around your space can be good. It will be easier to study in a room you like.


Dress up


With several classes being online and the cold weather making an impact, it might seem pointless getting out of sweatpants and comfortable sweatshirts, but it might be beneficial. Dressing up is something that might make you feel safe and comfortable. After all, it’s something you used to do to go out for these activities you now do at home. So dressing up might give you a sense of security and control over a stressful situation.


Stock up on food you enjoy


If you have to stay home most of the time, you might as well do it with snacks. Having food and drinks you enjoy can boost your mood. While being busy or stressed And even better if it’s something hot.