Why is Tom Garratt trending? HOLR breaks it down.

Tom Garratt Video

According to this related article, Tom Grratt- a British content creator- is going viral on the internet after an alleged inappropriate video of him started circulating online. Supposedly, the video was leaked, although it is unclear who leaked the footage in the first place.

The video allegedly features Tom and an unknown man engaging in an “intimate moment” as revealed in the article. HOLR will not be linking to the viral video.

Tom Garratt Video Twitter

Tom Garratt video immediately started trending on X when the news initially broke, and it is seemingly starting to recirculate again.

Was it an AI video? This is what Garratt initially claimed when the footage was leaked. However, Garratt has allegedly since backtracked on his initial statement, claiming that the footage is actually real. As the article claims, Garratt alleges that whoever leaked the video is “weird.”

Garratt reportedly took to social media to share his thoughts on the video leak in this clip from TikTok (@tgarratt02).

Tom Garratt Video Twitter

As well as in this follow-up clip.

Tom Garratt Video

The viral video is reportedly from a few years ago It is still unknown who leaked this footage of Garratt and the unknown individual. Supposedly, the clip has since been deleted.

What are your thoughts on this alleged viral video?

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Image Credits: @tgarratt02 TikTok