With winter upon us and the 2021 holiday season bringing feelings of hope and happiness more than ever before, we have rounded up the top 10 home trends for this season.

After a difficult 2020, creating a joyful and uplifting space that is warm, with simple comforts and heartwarming family traditions is what we are all in need of this year. Find out the most popular colour schemes for this season and décor trends.

1. Nature Sustainability

Nature trends are still making their way through this season’s decor. In alliance with modern sustainability, having greeneries Christmas decors combined with sustainable materials are key for a conscious joyful gathering. This is an easy look to achieve, that is both cost-effective and good for the environment. Everything from recycled glassware, wood ornaments, paper-mâché ornaments, and reusable crackers will be in high demand. Looking around your house for items you already have is a great way to maintain sustainability and even try finding items from your own yard!

2. Multiple Trees

This year there is expected to see an increase in people who have multiple trees in their houses. Some people having three or more trees! These additional trees can vary between real or artificial, and vary in size, and can be placed in other rooms of the house to add even more festive cheer!

3. Christmas Gonks

Christmas Gonks are expected to be one of the most sought-after décor items of this holiday season. A fun Christmas accessory, these little figurines with long bushy beards and knitted hats were extremely popular in 2020 and continue to be in 2021. They perch perfectly on steps and stairs, beneath the Christmas tree, on a counter, or by the fireplace.

4. Playful Colours

Bright and vibrant colours have been trending all year in home décor and the trend continues for the holidays. The holidays are a celebration of joy and fun memories, so why not bring that into your décor? Bright fun colours combined create a new festive mood for your interior.

5. Textured Layers of White to Imitate Snow

Another huge trend for this season will be white decorations paired against other whites to imitate the feeling of snow within your home. To add depth and differentiation, add in soft whites paired with textured white, creating the perfect festive feel in your home.

6. Nostalgic Décor

If the last year has taught us anything it is how important family, friends and memories are. Many people reverted to old traditions last year after COVID-19 restrictions did not allow for a usual holiday season. Many of these traditions are continuing into the 2021 holiday season as well. Vintage ornaments, old crockery and passed-down tablecloths not only bring out the best of memories of the past but are also environmentally friendly. Instead of buying new decorations, consider mending old ones, making some from recycled materials or finding some gems in vintage shows or internet auctions.

7. LED Twig Trees

LED Twig Trees will continue to be a trend this season but are becoming a staple year-round for many households. If you have a more clean, simplistic, and modern home, invest in these trees, as the bare branches with warm lighting add a festive feel without overwhelming the space.

8. Classic DIY Decorations

DIY decorations will be a staple this year for many. There will be lots of emphasis on local plants and shrubbery for garlands and wreaths. As well as personalization, creating DIY décor gives you the ability to create more personalized items for your home.

9. Soft and Creamy

Soft and creamy shades have been a home trend for the last year, with people being home more often they created a comfortable and chic look to your living space. This trend is continuing this holiday season.

10. Monochrome

Full spaces combined with the same colour schemes are a big trend this year, it creates a warm and luxurious look to your home. Jewel tones or metallics are a beautiful way to achieve this.

It’s time to get your home cozy and festive!

Published by HOLR Magazine.