Our faves right now!

Looking for a daily dose of inspiration? Here are a few of our top picks of inspirational bloggers, who come from distinct walks of life, sporting distinguishable passions; sharing riveting anecdotes and captivating perspectives on life. 

Zen Habits 

Leo Babauta is using his blog to motivate his audience and readers to find a sense of tranquility in the hustle-bustle of their daily lives. One cannot always control the narrative, the busy lives we lead is bound to stimulate some chaos. Thus, his blog encourages us to focus on variables we have command over, that is, ourselves. Becoming more mindful and seeking simplicity can lead to achieving a lifetime of happiness. Furthermore, his blog focuses on accepting uncertainty with a fearless mindset, to successfully guide oneself to a fruitful destination. 

Not only does this blog cover some fascinating and much anticipated topics for the current generation. But also, it provides them with an opportunity to train with people to apply Zen concepts in their daily lives. 


Jackie Aina

Due to a growing customer base, the beauty and cosmetics industry is rapidly differentiating products to cater to a larger population. This is where my personal favourite social influencer, Jackie Aina, comes in. Her vibrant personality and amusing sense of humour charms her viewers into giving her the attention to share candid opinions upon usage of distinguishable products and collections from reputable beauty and skincare brands. 

What makes her unique is her constant encouragement to become limitless and strive for diversity and inclusion in the beauty sector.



The pioneer, Danielle Bernstein, is a dominant fashion blog that highlights and accentuates New York City streetwear. She promotes fashion choices that appreciate an easygoing casual yet lustrous aura. The styles they capture and their brand collaborations are very prudent – certainly maintaining the interests of their target audience. 

She has managed to expand her blog to an online clothing store, along with forming useful partnerships with brands that complement the aesthetic of her mission in order to provide the best to people. While her blog offers timeless fashion advice and recognition, her story of rising to the top and following her passion- is an inspiration in itself. 


Legal Nomads

Yet again, a creative anomaly that shares “stories through food”. We believe the sky’s the limit and people are constantly pushed to chase their ambitions- someone has truly broken through the monotony of structured life. Jodi Ettenberg dropped her career in corporate law to pilot her new passion-infused career, using food to guide her travels. 

Legal Nomads is the perfect hand guide providing an array of helpful tips for fervent travelers. 

Courtesy of Legal Nomads 


Wandering Earl 

Earl’s 20 years of travel experiences truly contribute to his persona as a modern day nomad. He shares accounts of his backpacking adventures, while grinding on a budget, out there to unravel the many mysterious beauties this world is yet to see. Earl seems to be someone who is fueled by their thrill for exploring new traditions and cultures, perhaps gaining practical knowledge of differences that, oh so beautifully, bind people together. Personally, I appreciate his blog because he doesn’t romanticise traveling, thus, sharing a much needed realistic perspective. 

Courtesy of Wandering Earl