Vaser is a surgical tool that is mostly used with liposuction, with the acronym VASER standing for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. This translates to a unique method of liposuction that some surgeons favor over others. Here are 7 advantages and reasons to consider getting Vaser liposuction.

Contours To The Body

One of the benefits of Vaser liposuction is that it is more effective and efficient in its ability to contour around the body. This means that you are able to pull fat, revealing and working with the body’s natural curves. This is what liposuction is all about, removing the fat and leaving the patient with the body and figure they desire. As Vaser liposuction provides such benefits, this puts it above other procedures in terms of effectiveness and is advantageous for its ability to be so in-depth.

Done Quickly And Effectively

One of the benefits of a Vaser liposuction procedure to remove fat is that the procedures are done relatively quickly. This translates to a more efficient procedure, providing the patient with a shorter time in surgery. Additionally, the effectiveness of the procedure translates to a faster recovery time. With how Vaser works, another advantage for using it is because doctors feel confident in their ability to penetrate and operate in different planes and regions to remove fat. This helps surgeons operate from the skin deep into the muscle. This is important as the thinner you can get the skin and fat layer, the more contraction you will get from the skin.

Reduces Fat Production

After liposuction surgery, your body will be in a state where it produces less fat. However, despite this reduced fat production, you will need to do your part in order to keep the fat off, including following a healthy diet and practicing healthy lifestyle choices like getting lots of exercises and avoiding unhealthy behaviors.

Helps Extract Fat To Be Repurposed

The fat removed from certain parts of your body through Vaser liposuction can be utilized in other ways. With VASER liposuction procedures, the efficiency of the procedure will allow doctors and surgeons to take the fat removed from unwanted areas and utilize it for other surgeries. These include facial and skin rejuvenation, such as backs of the hands where wrinkles can commonly form, breast and buttock augmentation, as well as fix any contour irregularities as previously touched upon. This is because when the fat is removed through this procedure, 90% of the cells are viable and able to be used for other purposes.

Safe Utilization

Although there is controversy surrounding the implementation and utilization of the Vaser tool and procedure, it is important to note that under the correct settings and used under the right conditions, it is indeed a safe alternative and option. Many potential clients may be wary of such procedures, but like many types of surgeries, it is important to follow the correct practices and procedures to ensure safety, so it is always wise to research your doctors and surgeons carefully in order to have full confidence in their abilities and the outcome of the surgery.

scrub nurses in the OR prepping a lyposuction

Reduced Surface Damage

Another one of the benefits of Vaser liposuction is that the procedure is fairly minimalistic in terms of intrusiveness. The incisions made for the surgery are much smaller and considered minimally invasive. This means that there is less likelihood of scarring or permanent skin damage that will be seen on the skin. Those that perform liposuction may be hesitant and self-conscious of their appearance after surgery, and having no evidence of the procedure is ideal for the physical aspect.

Boosts Confidence

A significant benefit of Vaser liposuction is mental or not something that can be easily measured. Consider the impact such bodily changes will have on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. For those that have dealt with appearance or weight issues for a long time, having such a life-changing surgery will reinvigorate them with a fresh new optimistic outlook of not only themselves but life. They will be more confident and prepared to move forward. The psychological benefits of Vaser liposuction are just one of many significant advantages to consider.

Any surgery comes with hesitation. It is always important that you discuss with your doctor and surgeon the benefits and the risks in play. You want to approach any procedure with certainty that it will be safe and produce the results you are looking for. Vaser liposuction has shown to be effective in providing the outcomes that many patients desire, feeling more than satisfied with their body transformation.

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