National Drink Wine Day is the perfect occasion to sip a little bit of wine in the company of loved ones, friends, or even on your own. With an infinite amount of wine types that go with different sorts of food, this drink is a very democratic beverage. If you feel like celebrating this special day, we got you covered: here is a curated selection of the top wines you have to try this next National Drink Wine Day.

February 18th is recognized in Canada as the National Drink Wine Day. Whether red, white, rosé, green, sparkling, or iced – a Canadian tradition and specialty – lots of wine options are available in the market at alcohol beverage stores across the country. Each different wine type can be paired with a specific kind of food, such as red wine with red meat and white wine with chicken or fish. With a huge range of choices, picking the perfect wine that matches your personal preferences while still tasting good the food that will accompany it is a serious and crucial task.

National Drink Wine Day Celebrated in Canada on February 18th

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We definitely need no excuse to drink a delicious glass of wine but, as this is a special day to celebrate our beloved beverage, we gathered the top wines you absolutely need to try if you want to enjoy this year’s National Drink Wine Day. Check this list out and get ready to drink – a lot!

1. Meiomi Pinot Noir: made out of Pinot Noir grapes, this is a premium Californian red wine that presents complex deep flavours which will make you want some more. It has sweet and fruity notes besides an irresistible texture that tastes elegant in the mouth. Very successful in the US, it pairs extremely well with grilled meats as well as with pizza, what else could you want?

2. Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay: with delicious aromas of lemon, pear, apple, orange, peach, and melon this is just the perfect choice for white wine lovers. It is very fresh and has delicate floral notes with a wonderfully long, crisp finish.

3. Banshee 2019 Rosé: added by strawberry, melon, and lemon notes this wine is produced in North Carolina and presents a beautiful pale salmon shade in a dry, crisp rosé. With bright juicy flavours and nice acidity, this wine is perfect for Spring and Summer months but it can also be paired with meals in more wintery months.

National Drink Wine Day Celebrated in Canada on February 18th

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4. Quinta de Linhares Avesso: this very intense wine is both fresh and tart at the same time. Extremely pleasant in the mouth, this wine contains notes of pear, plum, apple, and grapefruit while its texture is smooth and full-bodied. Made exclusively from the Avesso grape, this green wine has low acidity and 13% of alcohol in its composition.

5. Mumm Napa Brut Rosé: this sparkling brut rosé wine is perfect to pair with different meals since it can be considered very versatile. Made using Pinot Noire grapes in California, this excellent sparkling wine presents a pink coral tone with fruity strawberry and cherry notes and an elegant finish.

Bonus: Reif Estate Winery Vidal Icewine: produced in Niagara River, this Canadian icewine has luscious layers of peach that tide a pleasurable orchard fruit on the finish. This wine uses Vidal grapes and is just perfect to pair with fruit and cobblers.

National Drink Wine Day Celebrated in Canada on February 18th

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What are your thoughts on the wines here listed? Have you ever tried any of them? If not, hit the closest alcohol beverage retailer and get your booze ready and raise your glass to toast to National Drink Wine Day!

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