Joey Gollish “Mr. Saturday” has collaborated with Toronto’s luxury brand “Edition” and has created “Edition Correspondance Club”. Joey Gollish is a member of the inaugural cohort of hxouse. hxouse is Toronto’s next-generation creative incubator and accelerator founded by The Weeknd’s creative director, La Mar Taylor. “Mr. Saturday” is known for his creative design which is tailored to the nightlife and party subculture. He has been featured in top outlets including Vogue, Highnobiety Hypebeast, WWD,  and GQ.  His brand has been seen on  Future, G-Eazy, J-Cole,  Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors, and Kyle Kuzma of the LA Lakers.

Edition is an elevated Cannabis brand in Toronto, the flagship store is located in the Annex. Edition is a refined cultivated version of your “neighbourhood dispensary”. Edition has created unique cannabis experiences for the community through retail stores, e-commerce, branded products, and collaborations. It was a natural and perfect fit to team up with Mr. Saturday to create the “Edition Correspondence Club.”

 The goal of “Edition Correspondence Club” is to stay chic, but comfy while we are still in this never-ending lockdown. While it is easy during these times to give up and feel like…” what’s the point of dressing up?”. “Edition Correspondance Club has given us this happy medium of still feeling cute without actually having to leave the house. The collection will feature an elevated design of top-quality cannabis and fashion styles. The “Edition Correspondence Club” is focused on reminiscing on our formal life, living our best through memories, and creating a “nostalgic new normal”. 

“Now, in a time when Saturday night looks completely different than it used to, it made me think of the after-party. A lot of the time, we would end up at hotels with our friends, chatting until all hours through the morning by the pool. This capsule is a love letter to a previous life. With all this time spent at home, smoking has been an escape, part of maintaining the balance. Cannabis has increasingly become part of my creative practice.” Joey Gollish

We are living in a strange time where we are “all together virtually on zoom” but still alone, this collection was designed to fit this new lifestyle. “Edition Correspondence Club” is also meant to destigmatize Cannabis users. It is providing the aesthetic of the “perfect Sunday afternoon escape of getting high or just getting by”. This was the year of staying home and chilling and this collection was created for that exact purpose. It is breaking the cannabis stoner stigma of “lazy stoner” to “simply enjoying life”.  The Edition Correspondence Club is built for people to” reflect, relax, and reconnect with friends while we’re all alone together”. 2020 was a tough year, but with great pain comes beautiful creation.

“I feel a sense of romantic loneliness when I imagine myself sitting poolside at Chateau Marmont writing a letter to a friend; maybe it’s nostalgic, maybe it’s romantic, maybe I’m just writing an idea down. I’m either waking up from a long night, or I haven’t slept. When I created this capsule, I wanted to share that feeling with others – taking the time to reflect on myself and relationships that aren’t the same as they used to be, in our new way of life. Surrounding myself with simple things that elevate these reflective moments reminds me that I have all I need in these times, and I’m grateful for that.”

The Edition Correspondence Club collection has appeared as part of the “Mr. Saturday AW2021 collection via a virtual presentation during NYFW. The work has been intermixed with the designer’s over the main-line collection in film by Norman Wong, which is available for viewing on CFDA’s Runway 360 and fashion brand is described as “comfort-driven with “vintage washed sweatsuit, a recycled Japanese linen robe, and hotel slippers.” Again emphasizing the current theme and state of life “of stay at home.. but make it fashion”.