Adam Lancia is a contemporary abstract-pop artist from Toronto, Ontario. His art reveals pop culture icons through his playful and colorful eyes.

“I would describe my art as contemporary abstract pop art. My work deals with what real life means today and how social media dictates other’s and my own interpretation of what we curate as our “real lives”.


Accepted to the Art Gallery of Ontario’s “Young Artists Incubator” at age seven, Lancia was drawn to art at a young age. “I knew at a very young age I wanted to be an artist but never had the intent to fully pursue it. It was only a couple of years ago where I felt I found my artistic style, that was when I decided it was something I’d pursue as a career.”

His composition demystifies pop-art. His washes of color amongst the detailed line work create pieces that allude to the overexposed pop-culture rhetoric that we are constantly exposed to.

When it comes to choosing the subject matter for his work, Lancia looks to social media for inspiration.

“I love finding pics that have people posing in an artsy way. That in itself portrays a story or narrative and I feel that really speaks to me.”

This isn’t always easy, however, as Lancia explains. “I’d always tell people, the hardest part of creating art is knowing when the piece is done. Do I need to add more to the composition in layers or detail to make it feel more complete? Or is the best possible piece already done and I shouldn’t touch it anymore? Always my inner conflict.”

Although he finds it hard to pick a favorite piece, he finds it through a piece called, ‘Rapture’. “I feel like they’re all my children. I spent so much time creating and working on them that I have a connection with every single one. I will say though that my “Rapture” painting is the one that always felt like me and that “I’m finally here” moment. In that piece, I found my artistic calling. My whole life of experimenting and learning various artistic skills led to this piece and what I’ve created since then.”


‘Rapture” by Adam Lancia

What’s next for Lancia?

“I’ve started a couple of newly commissioned works for some clients in California. From there I’d like to show my work in more public spots/ galleries and eventually find representation.”

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