With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and international travel, many Canadians are wanting to travel domestically out of fear of being stuck out of the country due to restriction changes. There are a few reasons this is amazing, one being it stimulates the Canadian economy while you also get to experience all the beautiful sites Canada has to offer. This week we are taking a trip to the East Coast, we are visiting Newfoundland!

One of four of Canada’s Atlantic provinces, Newfoundland is full of beauty. Newfoundland used to be its own country until 1949 when it joined the Canadian confederation. Newfoundland is also in an extremely rare time zone, instead of on the hour mark Newfoundland is in a 30-minute time zone.

Newfoundland is the home to the first view of the sunrise in North America. Cape Spear National Historic site is the most eastern point of North America and is the perfect spot to be the first to see the sunrise.

Go out on a boat tour and experience the presence of the largest living being, the humpback whale. Weighing in at 80,000lbs, a boat tour is a perfect place to experience the size of these magnificent creatures.

A historic 1922 lighthouse inn is still in operation on a deserted island at the Northern tip of Newfoundland. Orcas and humpback whales are frequent visitors of this area and sometimes get so close to the shore you can almost touch them!

Take a cruise around 10,000-year-old glacial icebergs along the eastern and northern coast. Coming in various shapes and sizes, and ranging from snow-white to aquamarine, these are a sight of a lifetime.

Jellybean Row in St. John’s is filled with rows and rows of brightly coloured houses and the reality lives up to the hype. Frequently pictured in advertisements for Canada, downtown St. John’s scenery is stunning. No matter where you walk you will see rows and rows of brightly painted houses and businesses. This area is quite picturesque and a bucket list item.

There is a reason why the East Coast of Canada is on many people’s bucket lists. The old-world charm, amazing food, and beautiful nature sights will be memories that stay with you forever. Make Newfoundland your next vacation and make a lifetime of wonderful memories!

Published by HOLR Magazine.