Many Canadians are wanting to explore again, and they are doing so domestically. It is an opportunity to see what all of Canada’s beautiful provinces have to offer. This week we are focusing on Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is most famously known for its CFL team the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Saskatchewan also happens to be Canada’s highest wheat-producing province, growing fifty-four percent of Canada’s wheat crop. Saskatchewan also has one time zone and no daylight savings, which means they are in central standard time, and it keeps the same time all year round.

Saskatchewan is filled with amazing outdoor activities. Saskatchewan may not be the first place you think of when planning an outdoor vacation, but these places will change your mind!

Castle Butte

 A relic from the ice age, Castle Butte or ‘Big Muddy”,  is made up of sandstone, and is clay-based with alkali and coal deposits.

 Jones’ Peak

Named after paleontologist and historian, Harold Saunders “Corky” Jones, this peak is the perfect viewing place for birds and wildlife. Not to mention the breathtaking views of the river valley.

Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is a perfect stop for the family. With guided nature hikes, RV and tent camping, geocaching, cycling, horseback riding and stargazing. Discover some of Canada’s rarest wildlife and dinosaur fossils!

Prairie River Cruises

Discover Saskatoon in a different way. Choose either a sightseeing tour or food and wine tastings on the Prairie Lily Riverboat.

Great Sand Hills

The Great Sand Hills are a unique phenomenon in southwest Saskatchewan.  These sand dunes cover 1,900 kilometres of land and frequently have strong winds that constantly change the landscape. Some dunes are 15-20 metres high. Mule deer and antelope are frequent visitors of the area.

Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake is a unique body of water and there are only three of its kind on the planet. This lake is groundwater and spring-fed and evaporation that has occurred over centuries has created a high mineral content. Float effortlessly in the amazing saltwater of Little Manitou Lake while your skin experiences the therapeutic healing properties of the high mineral count water.

Saskatchewan has a lot more to offer than one would ever think. Be sure when planning for a trip here to pack your tent, hiking shoes and binoculars. You will not want to miss out on their rare wildlife!

Published by HOLR Magazine.