Bailey Zappe clarifies Taylor Swift’s stance: “I just don’t listen to that music.”

On Wednesday, Bailey Zappe clarified his stance on Taylor Swift‘s music during his press conference. Zappe has created a stir since he said he is not Taylor’s biggest fan. However, Wednesday’s press conference proved he doesn’t listen to Taylor’s music. Moreover, his dislike of Taylor’s songs is a misunderstanding.

Bailey Zappe doesn't like Taylor's song is a Misunderstanding

Image Credit: Instagram

Born in Victoria, TX, Bailey Zappe grew up as a country guy. He listens to country music, and Taylor used to sing country music; unlike current pop music, she moved over. Zappe used to listen to her music more, but after she shifted her music to pop from country because he does not listen to pop music, Zappe stopped listening to her music.

Though he did not receive negative comments about this, Zappe wanted to explain to himself that he was actually her fan. Furthermore, he was also worried about mixing up on social media. As a prominent quarterback for the New England Patriots of the NFL, he will take on Travis Kelce‘s Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Was he proclaiming a war against Kelce!?

How long did Bailey Zappe play in college?

Zappe played his first four seasons in college; he belonged to Houston Baptist before he performed to Western Kentucky in 2021.

Who did Zappe replace on the Patriots?

The Patriots replaced Mac Jones with Bailey Zappe in Week 13. Furthermore, this was reportedly a well-received shift since Jones had a difficult time in past seasons.

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