Taylor Swift feels nothing negative about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn filming some steamy love scenes for his upcoming TV show.

Alwyn has been in action for his newly released TV show called “Conversation With Friends.” The BBC show is loosely based on the book by Sally Rooney, who also wrote “Normal People.” Alwyn is seen getting intimate with his co-stars Alison Oliver.

The passionate adaptation sees Oliver as Frances, and Sasha Lane as her ex-girlfriend and best friend Bobbi. They become entangled in a strange relationship with Melissa, played by Jemima Clarke.

The viewers of “Normal People,” the X-rated scenes in “Conversation With Friends” won’t come as a shock. Alwyn can feel at home as he gets affectionate with his colleagues. Why? Because Swift is cool as a cucumber about seeing her man in bed with other women on set.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn having a conversation at an event.

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The assurance

Alwyn’s co-star Oliver assured fans of the duo of Alwyn and Swift that everything is under control. She said that Swift was “totally cool” about the project. Oliver added that the singer was aware that this sort of work is part of the job description. This may come as a surprise for some, but Swift was reportedly on set while they filmed some of the show.

Oliver also talked about working with an intimacy coordinator during an interview with “Extra.”

“You go through like a lot of rehearsal and kind of in depth conversations about the intimate scenes and kind of what story we’re trying to tell,” she explained.

The actress explained how these scenes are approached like a stunt, and how they are creating an illusion in doing so.

“They give you intimacy garments, like skin-colored knickers, and you can ask for pads and stuff to protect you and create distance between the other person,” said Oliver.

Alwyn’s reaction

Alwyn told “Extra” that his real-life girlfriend knows what’s coming regarding the sex scenes.

“I mean she’s read the book and she loves the book so she knows it,” he said. “She just like couldn’t be a bigger fan of the project.”

Alwyn referred to the project as “a kind of modern love story.” Oliver on the other hand, hoped that the sex scenes add to the story.

Alison Oliver and Joe Alwyn filming for Conversation With Friends.

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Alwyn and Swift

Swift and Alwyn met at the 2016 Met Gala and have been at arms-length ever since. However, they chose to keep their love story out of the spotlight. The duo are very picky when it comes to what they reveal to the public.

Alwyn recently opened up about his talent of keeping his life relatively “normal.” This is tough when you’re dating someone whose love life is always out there in Swift. Keeping their relationship successfully lowkey comes as a surprise because it’s been five years since its start.

The actor told “GQ Hype” that them setting the precedent of keeping their life private was a good thing. This caused them “not to feed that side of things.” “the more you do that, hopefully, the more that intrusiveness or intrigue drops off,” he said.

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