Trout lady video has been trending again recently. If you aren’t already familiar with the story HOLR has the latest updates on the bizarre case.

Trou lady is trending once again and HOLR has the latest on the bizarre case.

Trout Lady Video Tasmania

Trout lady, 57, first got her claim to fame in the “Trout for Clout” video that had her labeled as “Woman with Trout” or “Trout for Lady.” Within the disturbing video- which was apparently filmed by her husband- the woman can be seen killing a fish inappropriately and explicitly. The video went viral online and contains disturbing content.

Trout Lady Video update

So, who is Trout Lady?

The woman is from Tasmania, Australia, and has been subsequently charged with bestiality for her actions after police reportedly determined the video featured animal abuse. Her partner has also been charged with bestiality for filming the incident.

As well, the Tasmanian couple behind the trout for clout video have both been charged with partaking in prohibited activities within a cemetery as part of a supposed separate charge. This is because an explicit video was reportedly filmed inside a cemetery on a grave in Tasmania.

Trout Lady Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss recent updates in the incident. One alleged rumor came about that Trout Lady had killed herself. This rumor suggests that Trout Lady took her own life as a result of the video circulating online and subsequent charges that came about after its viral release. However, this alleged latest update has not been confirmed.

Even though this news has still yet to be confirmed, Reddit users are heavily discussing it s demonstrated in this thread.

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