Woman with trout video couple have been charged.

The Tasmanian couple behind the trout for clout video have been charged with bestiality as well as for partaking in prohibited activities within a cemetery The 57-year-old woman also known as the “Woman with Trout” or “Trout for Lady” and a 54-year-old man went viral the past week with the disturbing video.

Both the woman and man in the video, are residents of Southern Tasmania and they have not released a statement online. The video was filmed within a cemetery in Tasmania on a grave, which resulted in them getting charged for two offences.

Trout for Clout Lady Veterinarian Past

The woman with the trout in the viral video had a past as a veterinarian but the clinic has revealed they have no contact with her anymore. The woman’s partner has also previously been involved with authorities over a charge related to another fishing incident.

The couple will appear in a Tasmanian court in an unspecified later date. It is unclear what fine the couple will receive if found guilty.