Protesters took to the streets of Salem, Oregan on Sunday, March 28th, to” fight for those who fought for us”, the freedom rally was advertised as an event to honour those who “fought for our freedom”.

Ironically a lot of violence took place, as protestors on the sidewalk of the street threw objects at several vehicles that drove by the Capitol with American Flags, breaking vehicle windows too. Protesters clashed with occupants of vehicles that had participated in an American flag-waving caravan.  Stateman Journal reports that protestors were well-armed wearing black masks and helmets, insinuating that they were anticipating violence.  But one driver would not stand for the abuse. 

Oregan Capitol got heated after a Trump supporter pulled a gun on ANTIFA rock-throwing rioters who smashed his truck’s tail lights, sprayed paint on his windshield and then maced him. The footage captured shows the driver wearing an American flag sweater, with a gun in his hand, pointing it at the anti-fascist protesters, after appearing to be maced he could be seen rubbing his eyes and be heard shouting: “Get away from me”.  The police arrived soon after, and the man could be seen putting his gun at the back of his truck, before kneeling on the floor and putting his hands up in order for police to apprehend him. The tense moment was reportedly one of many clashes between the left-wing, anti-fascist demonstrators and right-wing protesters near the Oregan State Capitol grounds.

Police confirmed that the armed man was taken into custody, but not charged with anything as they are still investigating. At least three people were arrested including Andrew Alan Foy, aged 34 for second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass, Nathan Mcfarland, 33 for second-degree disorderly conduct and Anthony Villaneda, 18 for five counts of pointing a laser.