Two sisters and their family go onboard a cruise ship prepared for the trip of a lifetime, and it is but for all the wrong reasons. Unexplainable mysteries start happening once the ship is out in the ocean, and somehow, it’s all tied to the crew and passengers.

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This Netflix Original produced by Bambú Producciones was released on May 24, 2019, and now counts with three seasons. Season 1 begins with sisters Eva (Ivana Baquero) and Carolina (Alejandra Onieva) Villanueva on their way to board the Bárbara de Braganza when suddenly their car hits a woman running from someone. She explains how if she doesn’t get on that ship she will be killed, so Eva decides to help her and gets her on the ship by hiding her inside a trunk. The Bárabara de Braganza is owned by Carolina’s fiancé, Fernando Fabregas (Eloy Azorín), who she is planning to marry once the ship crosses the equator on their way to Brazil. Their whole family is on the ship due to their wedding, and they are all involved in the mysteries that begin to unravel once the stowaway Eva helped is on the ship. 

Credit: Espinof / Babú Producciones

In Season 2 their voyage to Brazil is still not over; they have received a SOS signal from a group of castaways. One of the castaways, Cassandra (Claudia Traisac), claims she can predict things that haven’t happened yet and see ghosts. She tells Eva, Carolina and the crew that the ghost of a woman wants them to find out who murdered her, something that Cassandra claims happened in the ship even before it set sail. Eva doesn’t want to believe her, but there are other signs that point to the possible murderer of this woman being on the ship. 

Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Sensacine / Bambú Producciones

The third season takes place months after the voyage of the first two seasons and deals with something the public might know all too well, a virus. The Bárbara de Braganza is now headed to Mexico, but before Eva gets on board she is recruited by Fabio (Marco Pigossi) to help him find a person travelling on the ship that is carrying a deadly virus. If unleashed on the ship everyone could die, so it’s up to Eva and Fabio to find this person.

The third and fourth season of High Seas had been confirmed at the same time last year, but now there are rumours that it might not happen. Still, it is a great TV show that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and a great recommendation if you prefer to watch something not-so-spooky this season 

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