Fashion trends have been revolutionary throughout the years, constantly changing and going in circles, from modern trends, and back to the 70s and 80s trends. Fashion is a form of art and expressing oneself, but sometimes keeping up with the trends can be hard. Here are some tips to help you stay fashionable and stylish while maintaining your style and budget.

Follow Top Fashion Magazines and Blogs

Magazines and blogs are always up to date, featuring the most popular fashion designers and brands. You can buy these magazines or follow their accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram making it easier to spot any changes in fashion trends. Major fashion magazines include: 

  • ELLE: A French magazine, established in 1945, and is one of the most iconic fashion magazines worldwide.
  • Vogue: Of course, we’re all familiar with vogue, one of the most prominent magazines founded in 1892. Vogue’s great success is attributed to the sense of diversity that it endows since it has always been keen on featuring designers and celebrities from different nations and cultures. Not only does it cover the latest fashion trends, but it also covers lifestyles, societal traditions, and has a great influence on the fashion industry.
  • Harper’s BAZAAR: One of the oldest fashion magazines, established in 1867, and covers the latest information and trends on modern fashion.


If you’ve watched fashion shows and read fashion magazines, and realized that most of these fashion brands are very expensive, that’s okay. Only celebrities can afford to buy from all the luxury brands, and stay up to date with the trends. We can’t buy a new wardrobe every season. Don’t be pressured though, you can still rock your outfits without spending a fortune.

  • Improvise. Incorporate your own style with the latest trends, grab the clothes you love, and make them work. You can also make use of forgotten clothes and outfits in your closet. Get that white dress you never wear because you think it’s too basic, pair it with a colorful printed scarf or blazer that you like, and accessorize.
  • When you go shopping, look for sales. Go to clothes outlets, you’ll find fabulous outfits at low prices. Many awesome pieces end up in these stores due to brand stores making space for new goods. 

Let’s not forget about hairstyling and accessorizing, which can certainly make you feel confident and compliment any outfit without spending a lot of money. You may be wondering if bangs in season? Curly, wavy, or straight hair? There are many affordable hair salons, and the Great Clips haircut prices can give you a good insight into what can be more affordable than an overpriced option. You’ll often find affordable salons that are much cheaper than the fancy hair salons that offer the same quality of service. Any great hair salon stylist keeps updated on trendy cuts and will style your hair according to your preference and make you feel like a model.


From bags to shoes to jewelry, wearing accessories can certainly make you look trendy, even if you haven’t spent a dollar on a new outfit. 

  • Jewelry adds a little spark to your look, you can start with classic necklaces, diamond studs, hoop earrings; these will work with any outfit. You can also use hair accessories like silk scrunchies or colorful hair clips.
  • Belts aren’t just functional pieces, they are fashionable, too. They make the garments look polished, define your waistline, and give you a little edge. 
  • Bags and shoes are essentials, you must own bags and shoes that match most of your wardrobe. Patterns will also elevate your look, especially if you’re wearing something neutral.

Be You

Most importantly, be yourself, and remember, fashion has two purposes; comfort and love, as Coco Chanel said. Don’t try to change who you are, stay true to yourself, and trust your instinct. Choose clothes that you love and feel comfortable in, wear your hair however you like, and add your own magical touch to everything you wear. Confidence is key. 

Take inspiration from those around you. Sometimes fashion feels unrealistic and you think to yourself ‘who would wear that?’ Look around you, see how other people express themselves through fashion, and interpret fashion trends. It will inspire you to do the same and walk down the street like it’s your fashion show. 

It can be exhausting to find a balance between what’s trending and what you can wear. We hope our advice comes in handy, and that these tips make you feel empowered to be yourself and make it work, instead of getting lost in the process of following the trends. Ultimately, it’s your choice, your body, and your soul, so communicate your message to the world however you like.