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This fall the fashion trends are leaning heavily in the direction of a whimsical gothic glam that is a magical fusion of dark, mysterious gothic elements with playful, dreamy touches- it’s a mood. 

The rules of this fall’s goth trend is a game of paradox – it’s the balancing act between dark and light, charming and edgy, cute but glam. You might rock a ruffled black blouse with a plush velvet jacket, paired with high-rise distressed skinny jeans and ankle boots for a more casual, everyday look. 

For the more reserved fashion enthusiasts, who prefer to stay a bit low-key, there’s a whole array of options. The focus can be on the outfits rather than the person wearing it! 

Earth tones never go out of style for fall. Think rich shades of brown, mustard, burgundy, and deep greens. These shades blend harmoniously with the autumnal scenery and don’t scream for attention, yet they give your outfit a warmth and richness. 

Next, you can start playing with trending fabrics. Velvet and corduroy are a big hit this fall but they’re understated enough, so it doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard to be trendy. A corduroy jacket or velvet blouse can be paired with your regular denim for a simple yet stylish look.

Silhouette is another area where you can experiment – billowy sleeves, high neck blouses, oversized sweaters paired with skinny jeans or leggings are some options that are trending but also comfortable and not too flashy. 

Accessories are another way of expressing personal style without drawing too much attention to oneself. Berets, chunky scarves, leather belts over oversized cardigans, and cute ankle boots can elevate your outfit.

When it comes to footwear, ankle boots can never go wrong during fall, whether they’re in a rich suede or glossy patent leather. Alternatively, chunky loafers have made a big comeback this season. They’re comfy and give a little edge to classical feminine stylings.

Bringing the Goth Glam Style to Your Instagram Feed

  • Outfit of the Day Shoots (OOTD) – Show off your gothic glam outfit! Make sure to capture the details like your edgy accessories, dark lipstick, statement shoes, or dramatic outerwear. 
  • Flat Lays – Organize your favorite gothic glam pieces like velvet dress, dark nail polishes, chunky silver jewelry, or dark floral clothing, on a neutral background. It’s a great way to showcase the theme without wearing them. 
  • Close-ups – Capture close-ups of details like fabrics, lace, intricate patterns, or even your manicure. Maybe a close-up of your lips rocking a bold, dark shade, or a shot of the lace detail on your blouse. Using transparent backgrounds with PicsArt really helps keep the focus on the details.
  • Lifestyle Shots – Capture moments where the theme shines – a photo of your boot-clad feet crunching fall leaves, a snapshot of your hand holding a pumpkin spice latte, your dark manicure typing on a vintage typewriter, etc.
  • Fall Backgrounds – A well-chosen backdrop can really make your outfits pop and set the mood for your photos. Autumn leaves, rustic buildings, or old brick walls make for a great setting when you’re featuring your gothic glam style. 
  • Utilize Natural Light – To bring forward the rich colors and textures of your gothic glam pieces, take advantage of the golden hour’s soft lighting, which usually occurs an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. 

Make Small Changes Over Time – Quality Over Quantity

Try to incorporate these trends subtly into your wardrobe and instagram feed over time, and you’ll see a shift in your overall aesthetic that mirrors the season and the trends. Your Instagram feed is a visual representation of your individual style, so have fun with it. 

Remember, the idea of gothic glam is to combine the romantic, vintage flair of gothic style with contemporary fashion elements. Even if you choose to stay behind the camera, your style can still speak volumes!

Published by HOLR Magazine.