We all have those special milestones in our lives that hold so much value, and you tend to anticipate most of them. But you’ll be quite surprised to find that the day you move from one place to another falls right under that category as well. Moving, whether it be to a new home, city or country altogether brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions that you’re bound to never forget. Along with that, moving also brings with it the weight of quite a bit of responsibility. But before you go off on a tangent and start to panic or freak out- don’t. We’ve got useful tips that will help you have a smooth and easy experience when moving, so that you’re able to really enjoy the wonderful experience of moving onto a new chapter of your life. 

Clear the Clutter, Make a List

The moment you find out that you’re going to move out, don’t waste any time. Put on your practical hat and start going through all of your things with the mindset of being as minimal as you possibly can. This is your golden opportunity to get rid of all the clutter that you’ve been ignoring and has been accumulating over the years. A fresh start means less is more and you finally have a chance to get new things and manage your life differently. As you clear through the clutter, simultaneously make a list of the things that you will be taking with you. Later on, you’ll be able to put all these items under different categories, which will make packing so much more organized and easier for you to do. 

Go Shopping

Not the kind of shopping you have in mind, so take a step back and calm down! You’re going shopping for all things packing related. You need boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels and markers, amongst other things. If you don’t want to make more than one trip to get everything you need, you can actually find packing checklists online that are ready. This way you won’t have to stress yourself out, worrying about whether you’ve forgotten about something that you’ll need.

Find Yourself a Moving Company

It’s right there at the top of the list, find yourself reliable and efficient help. You might think of this to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Take New York locals as an example. People are moving in and out of this city all the time, but it’s easy for them to know who to contact when it comes to getting professional help. The services provided at http://www.evlmoving.com/ give you insight into what a proper moving company offers in terms of reliability and communication. It’s important to get movers that you can easily reach, will give you advice, and stick to their delivery times. Not only that, it’s important that they have a reputation for handling your possessions with respect and care. 

Pack & Label

Now that you have made your preparations, it’s time to start packing! Call friends and family over to help you out, give them each a copy of the organized list that you made earlier, and lay down the ground rules. Everything has to be packed well, and everything needs to be labeled clearly so that unpacking isn’t a nightmare for you, and you know where the fragile and breakable items are as well.

Move the Appliances First

Once you have everything packed to perfection, the wise thing to do would be to have all your appliances moved first, and your larger furniture pieces as well if possible. These need to be transported at an earlier date than when you intend to move in because you have to get a bunch of professionals in to make sure that everything is working well. Get an electrician in to make sure that all your electrical outlet are working properly, and that they get your appliances working well too. Your fridge and your ACs being at the top of the list. Get a plumber in to check that the water is coming in properly and that the heater is functioning as well. 


Now that you have your plan and thoughts organized with the help of this simple but efficient list, you can confidently get ready for your big day and move into your new place. It might take you a while to unpack, but you did everything perfectly and you were smart and organized, which is bound to make the whole experience worth remembering for all the right reasons.