Something that pops up in most people’s heads at one point or another is that of how much the experience differs when it comes to using websites and apps. There are actually quite a few discrepancies between websites and apps that make them differ quite substantially, and finding out what these are can allow you to have a better user experience overall.

To give you an example of how websites and apps differ, let’s take a look at one of the most popular gambling establishments in the world; Royal Panda Casino ( 

The experience you would get from using Royal Panda through these two different formats would be entirely different, and many people find that the Royal Panda app and website offer something completely unique. Let’s take a look at how websites and apps can change the user experience. 

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Not All Websites Are Compatible With Mobile 

Have you ever clicked on a website on your phone only to find that said website is barely functional? Well, this is completely normal. One of the main differences between websites and web apps is that not all websites are compatible with mobile, and in turn, this means that there are millions of nonfunctional sites out there.

Of course, there are numerous ways that developers can alter their websites to fit both PC and phone, but this can take a ton of resources. More often than not, companies are just not willing to part with the extra capital to make their websites function perfectly on phone, and this is why some websites are outright unusable on mobile. 

Of course, the complete opposite is also true – being that you cannot access phone apps on PC. In fact, apart from mainstream apps that are available in multiple formats, most phone apps are not offered on PC because they would be completely broken. 

This makes the experience of using a website and app differ rather drastically; in most cases, you will be using two completely different pieces of tech to access certain apps or websites. 

The Specifics Of Apps Usually Comes With An Array Of Benefits

While websites certainly come with their own set of advantages, there is one area where apps undoubtedly take the cake; specificity. Due to all the tools that app developers have at their disposal, the possibilities are truly endless, and talented developers can almost make it seem like a certain app was made with you in mind. 

To give an example, let’s take a look at some of the top wellness apps. It is not uncommon for said apps to come with all the bells and whistles; daily reminders, heart rate monitors, motivational pop-up quotes – the list goes on. This means that apps have much more potential than websites when it comes to the experience they are able to provide – something akin to the aforementioned service would be practically impossible through a website.  

Were you surprised to find out how much the experience of using websites and apps differs? You are certainly not alone. Few people ever notice just how different an experience can be when viewed through different formats, and this even applies to websites/apps that were designed to be similar on both mediums. 

While this information may be mostly impractical, it can actually help you better decide how you would like to experience something. Depending on your preference, you might come to find that you prefer using apps much more than websites. Alternatively, you may come to the conclusion that websites are more down your street. The choice is yours. 

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