Attention all campers!

In some exciting summer news, Toys R Us is offering its very own CAMPS R US. Keep reading to find out all about this exciting experience and how you can take part in having some fun in the sun this summer with CAMPS R US!

So what exactly is CAMPS R US? Every week from July 12-August 15, Toys R Us will provide parents with themed products and activities to help keep their kids busy this summer! Now, gone are the days of wondering how to keep the family entertained or figuring out what to do during those long summer days thanks to Toys R Us’ latest virtual experience. All month long, the brand will have activities and events planned!

The campaign will run for 5 weeks with 5 different themes including:

Week 1 July 12 – 18: 

(MAKER) Maker Week- Maker Week includes super fun activities such as enjoyable arts and crafts, DIY birdhouses, and coding.

Week 2 July 19 – 25: 

(DREAMER) Imagination Week– during imagination week, let your imagination run wild and free and get inspired through role-play, action figs, and the outdoor cottage.

Week 3 July 25 – Aug 1: 

(BUILDER) Builder Week– Get building with CAMPS R US and builder week! Through LEGO, MEGA, and PlayDoh, it’s time to get the whole family involved and inspired to create something new and exciting! 

Week 4 Aug 2 – 8: 

(SUPERSTAR) Superstar Week – Superstar week is sure to get the whole family excited! This week will feature Hasbro.

Week 5 Aug 9 – 15: 

(PLAYER) Sports Week- It’s time to get sporty by playing fun and interactive games such as; hockey, soccer, basketball, and Nerf!

In addition to taking part in each themed week, there is also an in-store experience. Kids who visit the store (Toys R Us) weekly for 5 weeks will receive a button for the specific theme of that week. There is no purchase necessary and you can receive one pin per visit per visitor. During the final week of CAMPS R US, visitors can come into the store between August 9-15 to show all of their badges and receive a $5 savings card! 

Make sure to check out CAMPS R US this summer to take part in the brand’s latest initiative. Each week will be sure to have fun-filled products and themes for kids and their families to take part in. Be sure to visit for more information!