Rumors are swirling regarding whether or not Vanderpump Rules might allegedly be “done” following claims brought to light on platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.

According to this current Reddit thread, there are rumors floating around that Vanderpump Rules is “done” and that 3 people have allegedly “opted out” out of the show.

A viral post on the Reddit thread claims that a source alleged we can expect “major retooling” on the show and at least 3 people “have allegedly opted out.”

Vanderpump Rules Reddit

Following claims made online, rumors are swirling regarding Vanderpump Rules, the popular reality show, reportedly being “done” and 3 cast members choosing to opt out of the series. Now, the claims do not name names, specifically, but people took to the Reddit thread to share their opinions on whether or not this claim could be true and who it could supposedly be about.

Some users alleged that no one would “opt-out” of a Vanderpump Rules paycheck while others speculated that the three in question could be people like Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney, or Lisa Vanderpump. Again, this remains unconfirmed and there is no concrete evidence to back up these claims.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet- this is all speculation based on an alleged rumor running rampant online regarding the show.

How many seasons of Vanderpump Rules

There are currently 11 seasons of Vanderpump Rules.

What do you think of these alleged rumors? There is no concrete evidence to support claims that the show is “done” or that any current cat members are reportedly leaving. 

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