Why is Dyson Affair Reddit trending? HOLR is breaking down the story below.

Dyson Affair Reddit is trending after a Reddit user took to the platform to talk about how he reportedly needs “to send a letter of thanks to Dyson” after discovering his wife of 17 years was having an 18-month affair after the user updated their fan filter on the app it uses.

Dyson Affair Reddit

According to this Reddit thread, an update has been posted regarding the original thread, found here, explaining the situation at hand. In the original post, the Reddit user goes into detail about his marriage and how his relationship with his wife was fairly solid. In the original post, the user states, “We’ve really only had minor bumps and issues, in my opinion. We’ve had an open door type of communication with each other.”

Apparently, the user talks about how he found out about his wife’s alleged affair after changing the filter on the Dyson fan in their bedroom. Check out an excerpt from the original post below:

Changed the filter on the Dyson fan in our bedroom last night. Asked wife if I could use her phone to update the app, in order to reset the change filter alert. Mine was on the charger next to the front door.

I noticed she had put on a pattern unlock, and, kinda wanted to ask her what that was about. As I was finding the app on her phone, a notification for Snapchat popped up. My stomach dropped immediately as I read the small tag,

“I’ll bring the special toy.” It said.

The story goes on to talk about how the Reddit user logged onto Snapchat and discovered their conversations. He then met with a lawyer and finally confronted his wife about the situation. In the updated Reddit post, the user states how his therapist encouraged him to “go ahead and do it” in response to providing an update on the situation at hand as a way to “re-center and focus.”

He talks about struggling to find peace in the updated post as he details how he has personally suffered from dealing with his wife’s alleged affair. He ends the Reddit post by saying that he hopes to walk away from this situation altogether and has appointments with a therapist moving forward to help him continue to move past it.

Users took to the comments to offer words of support on this updated post:

dyson affair reddit

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Reddit response

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss the story and how the Dyson fan played a role in having him catch his wife having an affair. In an “extra update” regarding the situation, Reddit users are talking about the story and the latest updates provided by the user.

dyson affair reddit

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According to this latest post, the user shared another update with followers about how this would be his last update, as he hopefully never has “to post again.” However, there was also some debate in the comments about whether or not some parts of the story were in fact truthful.

dyson affair reddit

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