HOLR Is Breaking Down The Latest On Raquel Leviss’ Dog Drama!

Raquel Leviss is getting some serious heat for how she’s treated her dog Graham Cracker. Her ex, James Kennedy, is speaking out on how he’s now taken Graham in his custodyJames Kennedy holding Graham Cracker with Raquel Leviss leaning on his shoulder posing on a red carpet.

Vanderpump Rules

Reality star and Internet personality, Raquel Leviss is getting slammed for what fans are calling Puppygate. Apparently Leviss’ dog, who she adopted with her ex-fiancée James Kennedy, had been dealing with some behavioral issues. Raquel had, allegedly, attempted to have the dog trained, but Graham Cracker was not learning.

A source close to Leviss and Kennedy said that, instead of informing Kennedy of the situation, Raquel simply left Graham Cracker at the nearest animal shelter without anyone’s knowledge. When Lisa Vanderpump, who has her own dog rescue program, found out about what Leviss has done with Graham ‘The Vanderpump Dog Foundation’ immediately took action to retrieve Graham Cracker.

Once fans caught wind of what had happened they made their opinions known, and they are on team Graham Cracker. @MikeyTBH on Twitter wrote, At this point, I don’t know if it’s wise for Raquel to return to #PumpRules. She was already public enemy No.1 after sleeping with her best friend’s man. Now she just dumps her dog off at a shelter after not getting him the training he needs? Y’all know how people are about dogs.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I am not against people re-homing animals when they are unable to care for them, it’s commendable even. But Raquel dropping off Graham to a random SHELTER instead of LVP or James is so fucking low”.

Graham Cracker has been re-homed with Raquel Leviss’ ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy and he seems more than happy to take care of him. He announced Graham’s arrival on instagram with a photo captioned, ““Look who made his way back home, back into my life, I’ll take care of you forever and I love you. ❤️”

James Kennedy on a boat with his girlfriend kissing his dog Graham Cracker.

Credit: James Kennedy/ Instagram

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