Online gambling and video gaming are enjoying major success currently. These industries generate revenue in billions for the service provides behind them. The clear reason behind the exponential progress of these gaming industries is the quickimplementation of innovation. Since the 1970s, video games have been a part of the culture and many innovative changes have been made to this form of entertainment. The arrival of video games on the internet and the smartphone from big consoles and computers is a revolution on its own. On the other hand, the inception of online gambling is based on the internet. It has been closely 26 years since the first online casino was developed, but this industry has caught up with quick progress.

These two facets of gaming have many similarities and differences. Here, we are going to compare both of them on the basis of some essential key elements.

Psychology and Excitement

Whether it is online gambling or video gaming, they both trigger the psychological behavior of the players. Many people would argue that video games are more adrenaline rising and full of excitement, but when the real money is on the table, online gambling games could grab your undivided attention with full excitement. Players, if don’t control their psychological behavior, can get addicted to these gaming forms. Both forms of gaming are equivalent here.

Social Interaction

The appearance of inevitable web use proclaimed an enormous advance change in the video gaming world since it permitted players to play with one another, without any location restriction. Many blockbuster games and gaming consoles allow players to interact with fellow players. Regarding online gambling, some of the best bingo sites offer a feature of the chatroom where players can communicate with each other while playing the game. Live casino games and poker tournaments also have a channel to communicate with others. However, while playing slots, craps, keno, or online pokies, players may not use this chatroom feature.

Cultural Relevance

Video games and gambling games have cultural significance. For instance, there are many films based on video games and many video games have taken inspiration from movies. Now when we talk about gambling games, online slots are available in various themes such as movies, TV shows, mythological references, pop culture, and so on. Thus, we can say that both forms of gaming have cultural significance.


The video game developers spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours in developing graphics of the game. Graphics play a crucial role in the engagement of the players. The new technology makes the game phenomenon real and intuitive. On the other hand, gambling games are developed to provide fair, smooth, and proficient gameplay so, graphics are not the main factor here. This doesn’t mean that online casinos don’t care about the visuals. Online slots, video poker, and pokies are created to offer high-quality visuals. However, in this element, video gaming comes out as a winner.


When it comes to offering rewards and incentives, online gambling is an apex. Welcome bonuses are surely big rewards for the players, but jackpot and high payout percentage are not less than a reward. All the trusted online gambling sites show how much money players have won in various games with a payout ratio. This factor was absent in video games until the arrival of eSports. In eSports tournaments, players can compete with other players and win the prize pool. However, all the video game players cannot participate in eSports and that’s what makes online gambling a winner here.


Both, video games and online gambling come at a price. Not all video games need to be purchased, but all the latest releases for the consoles or PC need a one-time purchase fee. There is no other cost if the players don’t want to pick some in-purchase offerings. On the other hand, gambling apps for desktops and smartphones are free to download. Players would need to deposit money to play real money games. The cost is actually the money players wager to play the games. Players can increase the money if they make a profit in the game. If the core purpose of a player is to have fun then, there is an option of free demo games.

Mobile Usage

Most users prefer gaming on the smartphone as this device has become part of the lifestyle. The number of smartphone gamers is much higher than the PC and console gaming. Online gambling and video gaming, both have mobile-friendly games that offer an enriched gaming experience. Both forms of gambling have accomplished milestones in rendering the mobile gaming experience. The users of video games through mobile phones would be higher than online gambling, but the latter has seen a hike in the last few years. So, everything amounts to both largely being equivalent to one another in this regard.

Bottom line

The things become a little complicated when we have to pick one as the winner over another. Both are very popular among the players and both satisfy various necessities. We can assume that instead of being rivals, they are similar with just some difference. They complement each other. Players are the real winners here as they are the ones who get to enjoy this co-dependency of the gaming forms.