Video games can be a lot of fun but it is important to remember what the point of video games is in the first place so you can find the best game to play. Whether we are playing on our phones or at home kicking back on a console, it’s important to retain a healthy approach to video games.


There’s no doubt that video games can occupy one’s time for hours on end, but it’s important to remember the fun in playing video games and why we are playing them. Most games nowadays are designed to keep you playing as long as possible by expanding the game activities, adding filler, or grinding. Knowing why we play these games is important, as certain grinding activities can be annoying and not worthwhile for you to play.

New Experience


These games often are adventure and fantasy where we play with new and exciting ideas. However, this can also be a new feeling we don’t often feel, like horror games and thrillers. Often these games have a designated goal for you to follow which can have some role-playing elements. The pandemic can definitely make you wanna play these types of games, here are 3 games that will satisfy your desire for adventure.



Animal Crossing and Minecraft come to mind, but many games are relaxing, often these are sandbox games where the goal is undefined and you can come back to these games whenever you want. These games work great as breaks from stress as they can be games without endings or are very short games, here are 5 relaxing peaceful games.

Intellectually Stimulating or Challenging


For some, a fun challenge can be more appealing than relaxation. It largely depends on personal interests, but these games can be anywhere from strategy to mystery. Some of the first of these types were eye-spy games testing your ability to observe distinctions in a scenario.

Being With Friends


The first three categories had a defined purpose for the individual where the game is made for fun and can be enhanced with friends – here the games are made for being with friends and the mechanics of the game enhance the experience. Great card games like this are cards against humanity, but when it comes to video games, the best games for this usually have a defined goal but are open-ended with how to get there. Examples of these are Garry’s Mod or Among Us.

Time commitment

If the goal is to maximize your fun and happiness, it’s important to remember how much time you can dedicate to a game when you choose what to play. Some games can take several hours to learn or get into but once there, they can offer hundreds or thousands of hours of enjoyment. When deciding what game to play you have to consider what sort of commitment you can or should commit to the game. There’s generally a mixture of long and short games in every genre so when planning on a game to pick, think a little more long term when thinking of what is best for you.