Viral video sensation, “Hawk Tuah” girl was allegedly fired? 

Hawk Tuah Video

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Hawk Tuah Lost Her Job

June 26, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user, “Hawk Tuah” girl- who recently went viral on social media- allegedly lost her job following the video making its rounds on the internet.

Hawk Tuah Girl Name

As noted in the video, an update has allegedly been circulating surrounding Hawk Tuah girl, whose real name is reportedly Hayley Welch. Supposedly, she has been maintaining a low profile since she reached global fame with her viral interview. She was allegedly spotted signing merchandise recently.

As well, it is being alleged that she lost her job as a teacher following her infamous interview video. This is seemingly because students began discussing her “viral fame” as outlined in the above video. This allegedly led to a permanent dismissal because of the negative influence she supposedly had. Apparently, she intends to take action against the school for unjust firing.

Hawk Tuah Girl Instagram

Her social media has also gone private since this alleged scandal.

Hawk Tuah Original Video

This is the viral video of Hawk Tuah girl.


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