Donald Trump responded on Tuesday with the lengthiest statement since he left office to senator McConell’s speech on the Senate floor. He implied that the former president should face criminal and civil litigation for “everything he did while in office”. Three days before, on February 13th, the fellow republican voted to acquit Mr. Trump from in his second impeachment trial.  McConell still excoriated the former president on the Senate floor after the vote. 

According to the analysis by Anthony Zurcher, the statement made by Trump implies that “he prepares to re-enter the fray after his impeachment trial, he does so with an attack on his own party, not the Democrats. 

Trump called the senator a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack”. Both of them had kept a close relationship during his presidency, however, that changed after the election. Mr. McConell said he had not spoken to Donald Trump since mid-December. 

The relationship between them is not the only one to have soured over the last few days. On Tuesday, one of Trump’s advisers stated that former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has stopped doing legal work for him. In spite of it, Jason Miller, the advisor, said through twitter that Giuliani remains “an ally and friend”. He explained that they’ve stopped working together because “there aren’t pending cases where Giuliani is representing the President”.