What Are The Achraf Hakimi Rape Allegations

Achraf Hakimi is a well-known football player who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team. However, in recent times, he has been accused of rape, which has caused a lot of controversy and speculation in the football world. What are the Achraf Hakimi rape allegations?

Paris Saint-Germain full-back Achraf Hakimi is currently under investigation after being charged with rape in France. The Moroccan defender has yet to comment publicly on the charges, but according to a Spanish television programme, he has spoken to friends and given his version of events. Hakimi claims to have been “tricked” and set up by the alleged victim, stating that he felt as if he had been taken advantage of.

Hakimi’s closest friend, who spoke with him about the incident, relayed the story to the Spanish television programme, Fiesta. Meanwhile, Hakimi’s wife, Spanish actress Hiba Abouk, has deleted photos of her husband from her social media accounts.

The alleged victim, a 24-year-old woman, claims that she and Hakimi had started speaking on Instagram in January and finally met on February 25th after she had previously declined his invitations to dinner and a nightclub in Paris. After Hakimi sent a taxi to pick her up, the two went to his house, where things allegedly got out of hand. According to French newspaper Le Parisien, Hakimi kissed her on the mouth, lifted up her clothes, and kissed her breasts, despite her saying “no”. He also allegedly touched her genitals, despite her resisting.

The prosecutor’s office in Nanterre, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, has opened an official investigation into the matter. Although the alleged victim ultimately opted not to file a complaint or undergo medical examinations, the authorities considered the evidence presented to be enough to warrant an investigation.

Hakimi’s lawyer, Fanny Colin, has rejected the claims made against her client, stating that he was “calm and prepared to cooperate” and that he was the victim of a “blackmail attempt”. Hakimi was questioned by investigators on Thursday and was subsequently indicted by an investigating judge and placed under judicial supervision. The 24-year-old defender is prohibited from contacting the alleged victim but is allowed to leave French territory, according to prosecutors.

Since the allegations were made public, there has been a lot of speculation and debate surrounding the case. Many people have expressed their support for the woman, stating that it is important to take all allegations of sexual assault and rape seriously, and to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Achraf Hakimi wife money

Others, however, have been more skeptical of the allegations, pointing out that Hakimi has no previous history of sexual assault or misconduct,

Achraf Hakimi Ex Wife Divorce

Achraf Hakimi is in the media once again after his wife Hiba Abouk asked for a divorce and learned that he does not have much money in his name. Achraf has allegedly been depositing 80% of his income into his mothers account so Hiba would not have access to a lot of his income because it is not in his name. The two share two sons together, and this withholding of funds has caused some controversy online since becoming public. Read more about it here.

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