Donald Trump is going viral after an image of allegedly handwritten sticky notes during the trial surfaced.

May 29, 2024

Donald Trump Trial Updates

Trump is currently trending after it was unveiled that the judge has instructed the jury about the charges and laws they must consider against Trump in reference to the ongoing Trump hush money trial, as noted here. The jury consists of 12 people.

Trump Trial Sticky Notes

Donald Trump is going viral online after it was recently revealed that he had handwritten sticky notes going into court. These notes, carried by Trump in a stack of papers, have been seemingly deciphered. In this related article, it is alleged that the sticky notes going viral notes read:

“This case should be dismissed by the judge but it’s totally corrupt.”

Donald Trump and Robert De Niro

Following a verbal altercation with Trump supporters in which Robert De Niro called them “gangsters” outside of the Manhattan court room where the Trump trial is taking place, Trump is firing back on Truth Social with a new post directed at the actor (here).

As noted here, De Niro was in public highlighting the risks associated with re-electing the previous president, Donald Trump, who is currently going against President Biden in the polls.

What are your thoughts on the current updates regarding the trial, including Trump’s alleged handwritten notes that were captured in recent footage? 

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