The arrest and arraignment of former President Donald Trump on criminal charges on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, will be remembered as an exceptional and momentous day for America.

Donald Trump Arrest Timeline: How Indictment Will Play Out Step by Step

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The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has been looking into Mr. Trump’s payments of hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election. Prosecutors are investigating on whether Mr. Trump changed the financial records of the Trump Organization when his former lawyer and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, paid Ms. Daniels $130,000.

A Manhattan grand jury decided to indict Mr. Trump on criminal charges related to the hush money payments on Thursday, March 30.

When is Donald Trump getting arrested?

Today in Manhattan, former President Donald Trump is expected to turn himself into authorities. At 2:15 p.m. ET, he is anticipated to have his fingerprints taken before being arraigned by Judge Juan Merchan.

He is the first ex-president of the United States to face charges. Despite the fact that the paper is still confidential, sources close to the situation informed that Trump is facing about 30 counts, some of which are crimes.

According to insiders, former president Donald Trump met with his legal team at Trump Tower on Monday night and Tuesday morning to discuss his arraignment.

Donald Trump Attorney

A-Rod's attorney Joe Tacopina is man of controversy - Newsday

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The former president’s appearance in court for his arraignment on Tuesday will be brief, according to Trump attorney Joe Tacopina, because the procedure “does not take long.” Tacopina added that Trump would defend his innocence and said, “We know the basis of the indictment and the factual allegations in the indictment.”

“One thing I can assure you as I sit here today, there’ll be no guilty plea in this case. That’s one thing I can guarantee you,” he said. Tacopina gave the impression that he knew the lawsuit would be dropped. He stated, “I don’t think a juror will be called in this case. I think there’s a legal challenge that will be made and should be made successfully.”

Is Donald Trump running for president in 2024

Crisis Expert Says Donald Trump Arrest Presents Rare Window Of Opportunity For Melania - Exclusive

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The 2024 presidential race has a small starting field and appears to be led by the same two men, President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump who were the front-runners in the previous general election, according to The New York Times post published on 3rd April 2023.

What is Donald Trump being indicted for?

According to rumours, Ms. Daniels was paid to keep quiet about an alleged affair she had with Mr. Trump. Whereas the Former President has consistently denied having an affair with the adult film star. In relation to the payments to Ms. Daniels, Cohen was found guilty of tax evasion, lying to Congress, and campaign financing violations. He received a three-year prison term.

Donald Trump turns himself in

Donald Trump tried to get ahead of criminal charges in New York hush money probe : NPR

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In a fundraising email sent out on Tuesday morning, Trump, who had just flown from his residence in Florida to New York, said that “Today (Tuesday) is the day that a ruling political party ARRESTS its leading opponent for having committed NO CRIME.”

According to one of Trump’s attorneys, Joe Tacopina, said on ABC, “It won’t be a long day in court.”

Donald Trump has arrived at the Manhattan district attorney’s office in lower Manhattan, where he is detained by police and is being held under arrest until his upcoming arraignment.

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