What Did Shane Dawson Do To His Cat

As Youtube personality Shane Dawson welcomes twins is surrogate with Husband Ryle Adams, his name is trending for other reasons. Shane Dawson’s career has not been short of controversy. Since announcing the arrival of the twins, Shanes posts have been flooded with people outraged that he was able to have children given his controversial history with his young fans. People claimed that in the past, knowing that his fan base was young, Shane asked for inappropriate photos from his fans and that he even once kissed a 12-year-old girl when he was twenty three years old. Shane has spoken out against the claims and said that there was never anything physical between him and his fans. But people are saying just because he wasn’t charged with any wrongdoing, does not mean that he is innocent.

Shane Dawson Cat Video

Shane Dawson Cat Video

Another reason Shane Dawson’s name is trending currently is due to a video of him allegedly ejaculating onto his cat. There is a disturbing video with audio, circulating online, which appears to illustrate that Shane performed this vile act while recording his podcast.

Is Shane Dawson A Sex Offender

Since news was published of Shane Dawson welcoming twins with his husband, people online have been outraged in the comments. Some Twitter/X users are calling Shane a sex offender and pedophile due to troubling past behaviour. One user comments, “disgusted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel rn.” While another user added to the post, saying that some people in the comments “know who Shane Dawson is and is disgusted by him being near children.”  Years ago Shawn Dawson was allegedly soliciting inappropriate photos from his fans who were minors. Posts on Reddit claim that he was asking young fans to send photos of their “best O face”, asking them to twerk for him, among other inappropriate things. Shane has commented on the accusations in the past, saying that he is not a pedophile as he has never had sexual relations with any of his fans.

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