Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe. Pack away your bulky winter sweaters and heavy wool coats. Replace them with brightly colored pants and flowy tops. As the weather warms up, you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors (picnic lunch with your coworkers, anyone?) and having more in-person meetings (goodbye cold-and-flu season).

Show off your stylish spring style with these outfits.

Sweater Dress

A sweater dress combines the best wardrobe items from winter (sweaters) and spring (dresses). It will keep you warm on chilly days, but also show your eagerness for warmer weather. Pair a sweater dress with a fun, funky belt and ankle boots to complete the look. If the day is on the colder side, layer over some comfortable, slimming leggings.

White Blazer

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? It’s an old fashion faux pas that is very dated. A white blazer worn with a soft, flowing blouse and brightly-colored pants creates a clean and polished look, perfect for any meeting.

Collared Shirt Under Lightweight Sweater

You may have worn a collared shirt under heavy sweaters in the winter. But this look can be lighted up for spring by swapping out the heavy knits for lightweight options. Throw a pretty scarf around your neck and you’ve just added more dimension to your look.

And bonus: Since it’s a layered look, you could always remove your sweater (and keep the scarf) for a classic outfit.

The Right Suit

A suit that fits you just right shouldn’t just be a spring wardrobe staple. This timeless look is perfect year-round. But in the spring (and summer), you can jazz up your look by wearing a suit in a printed pattern or bright color. Can you sense a theme here for spring? Color!


This one is easy. Spring brings out so many clothing options in floral prints and patterns. Pair a flowy flower top with jeggings and high heels, or floral ankle pants with a white button-up shirt and pretty flats.

Polka dots

Another spring trend this season is polka dots. They are everywhere – skirts, sweaters, and even shoes. Black pants with white polka dots will look sophisticated when worn with a white top and fitted blazer.

Animal Prints

Although you may disagree, you can wear too much animal print. If you choose to wear a leopard pair of pants, don’t match it with a leopard shirt. Instead, wear a solid color top (black is usually best). And reverse it if you wear a zebra print top: Pair it with solid pants.

Big, bold jewelry will make these outfits pop. And let’s not forget animal print handbags and shoes – add one of the other to any simple (and monochrome) look.