What Bachelor Star Comments Shook Kaitlyn Bristowe Reddit

Podcast host, entrepreneur and former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe posted a cryptic story on Instagram in the late hours of Sunday March 17th, saying: “Just found something online that shook me to my core. How are these little thirsty men not worried about me telling the truth. On all of them.” What was Kaitlyn referring to? We take a look at who has mentioned her name recently in the media to dissect what this story may have been referring to.

What Did Kaitlyn Bristowe See Online That Shook Her

Despite being one of the most successful people from Bachelor Nation, Kaitlyn Bristowe is no stranger to receiving hate online from trolls who nitpick at her every move. Following her breakup with Jason Tratick Kaitlyn was unfairly blasted by some for the breakup while Jason was praised. It was a classic case of double standards online and it would be enough to wear anyone down. Kaitlyn is unapologetically herself online and perhaps some people just can’t handle someone living their truth. So what was said about Kaitlyn online this week and who said it?

Kaitlyn Bristowe See Online That Shook Her 

The most recent story to surface mentioning Kaitlyn Bristowe was in regard to a comment former Bachelor contestant Dean Unglert made. “I think after the Golden Bachelor wedding, Kaitlyn unfollowed me on Instagram. So, I don’t think she likes me very much.” Dean who know goes by Dean Bell after marrying Bell, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, added on his Suckers podcast, “I think she posted something and tagged me or had me tagged, and I clicked on her profile and I just checked and she wasn’t following me. I’m pretty sure [she was before]. So, I unfollowed her out of reciprocity.”

Kaitlyn has not confirmed if this is what her story post was about but based on timing this would potentially add up.

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