Being requested by the bride to become the maid of honor is serious, and it says a considerable amount about you. Getting asked implies that the bride values you immensely, and believes that you’re dependable, reliable, and sufficiently coordinated to take care of business. But, what does it actually mean to be a maid of honor? If this is your first time to get such an opportunity, read on below.

What Does it Means to be a Maid of Honor?

A maid of honor is basically the head bridesmaid. If you’ve been given this honor, it is your duty to get every involved party as fired up about the wedding as the bride. And, to ensure the bride has plenty of assistance and support paving the way to the wedding day. From helping the lady of the hour with picking her dress, to assisting her in facilitating the bridesmaids’ ensembles, you will be her general assistant consistently.

Maid of Honor Pre-Wedding Roles

As the bride’s go-to lady, you’ll have plenty of duties, such as planning and hosting. You can check out this site for more details. Listed below are the general responsibilities of the maid of honor before the big day.

Be Present at the Dress Fittings

The bride will likely ask you and a little gathering to join her for wedding dress fittings. Being present is essential because you can offer the lady of the hour recommendations during the shopping process.

Be Ready to Help or Make Her Feel Better

Arranging a wedding can cause a ton of stress for the wife and the husband to be. Simply being present for the bride will make a huge difference for her during the planning process.

If she gets worried, she should have the option to contact you to vent or hear your point of view. There are a wide range of little, seemingly irrelevant situations that may emerge—and knowing you are available for her will give her inner peace.

 Lead The Bridal Party

Heading up the bridal party is part of the maid of honor’s obligations. Other bridesmaids will look up to you for solutions, and it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

You’ll need to hand-off any bridesmaids’ inquiries or worries to the bride, so she doesn’t have to answer the same questions from six different people over and over again.

It will be your duty to frequently contact the bridesmaids, ensuring they’re ready to go to any bridal occasions, and exploring any wedding-related subtleties. Good communication will help everything run a ton smoother.

Plan The Bachelorette Party

Another critical role is taking care of the bachelorette party arrangements. Some brides prefer to be vigorously involved in party plans, while others leave everything to the maid of honor. Be that as it may, you don’t need to do it single-handedly. You can collaborate with other bridesmaids in making the necessary preparations.

Bachelorette parties can get costly, so it’s critical to discuss the expenses with the bridesmaids and ensure that what you’re arranging suits their budgets.

Maid of Honor Wedding Roles

Details underneath are the maid of honor’s obligations for the big day. It might be a long undertaking, so you’ll want to take note of these duties.

Arrive There Early

You will be at the bride’s side for the whole event, so you will need to start your morning bright and early. The whole bridal party will get dressed and prepped with the wife to be at the start of the day. Assisting the bride with her dress and makeup preparations is always a fun activity.

 Ensure The Bride Is Calm

On the wedding day, the bride will likely be overcome by different emotions. And, ensuring that she remains calm is extremely important. Ensure she concentrates on the significant things rather than all the little irritating things that occur during the day. Since she’s picked you to be the maid of honor, odds are you can help her chill.

 Be A Point of Contact

The bride does not need to be besieged by vendors, family, and companions with questions during her big day. As the chosen maid of honor, you should turn into the point of contact for the sellers to assist them with any requirements.

Ensure the Bride Looks Great and Hold the Bouquet

During the wedding procession, ensure the bride looks her best after she reaches the end of the aisle. Arrange the train of her gown and veil, and get rid of any wrinkles on the dress. You’ll also have the honor of holding the bride’s bouquet once she reaches the end of the aisle.

Sign the Marriage License

When it’s time for the bride and groom to sign their marriage license, you and the best man will also sign as witnesses.

Act as a Host and Give a Speech

As wedding guests arrive, greet them and show them where to find everything, like the gift area. At the reception, you’ll have a chance to make a toast and express what you feel about the bride and the couple. Keep the speech brief and sweet, if you don’t know what to say. 

Being the maid of honor means being there for the bride as she makes her wedding preparations and being there for her during the big day.