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Weddings are some of the best opportunities we have to play ‘dress up’ and get our glam on. Whether it’s a velvet cocktail dress for a winter evening reception or a more traditional floral gown suitable for sultry summer days, a wedding outfit is an opportunity to showcase ourselves at our best. These special events also give us the chance to experiment with our favourite styles and splash out on something sensational that makes us feel beautiful inside and out. 

As fun as it is choosing an outfit for a wedding, it can also be stressful. Do you need to adhere to a particular dress code? Can you make an impression without pulling focus from the happy couple? Will it be comfortable to wear for the duration of the event? And these questions only become more complicated when the wedding is abroad in an unfamiliar country, and destination weddings are on the rise – a trend that is set to continue throughout the rest of the decade.

If you have been invited to a wedding overseas and are stuck for outfit inspiration, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s the essential things to consider when dressing for a destination wedding.

Assess the climate

First and foremost when planning your destination wedding outfit, assess the climate of the country. While some do travel overseas to get married surrounded by snow, destination weddings are commonly held in hot climes, with beach weddings being one of the most popular options. 

Prepare for hot weather by choosing clothing made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate between the clothes and your skin. This will help to keep you cool. Natural fibres like cotton are also more absorbent than their synthetic counterparts, keeping you dry as well. Linen dresses work well for beach weddings that have a more laidback feel.

Research the culture

As well as looking into the weather, it is also essential to research the culture. In countries where temperatures reach 40°C, you may be tempted to cover the bare minimum of skin in an effort to stay cool. However, many countries require a more conservative approach to dress – particularly for women.

Wide leg palazzo pants paired with a loose blouse in a non-sheer fabric is an elegant way to approach dressing for a wedding when guests are required to be more covered up. You could also opt for a floor-length maxi dress with a scarf in case additional coverage is needed.

Check the schedule 

Destination weddings often involve a lot of extra activities as guests travel so far to attend the event. Check the schedule carefully before packing and make sure to take outfits to suit all occasions. This might include swimwear or activewear, or formalwear for a fancy dinner.

It is also a good idea to have a back-up outfit for the wedding in your luggage as you will have no access to your wardrobe or your favourite shops should disaster strike. A range of shoes is also advisable so that you have an option to suit each type of terrain.

Published by HOLR Magazine.