Nelson Peltz, Nicola Peltz’s billionaire father, is suing the second set of wedding planners he hired to coordinate his daughter’s wedding to Brooklyn Beckham.

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The second wedding planners chosen by billionaire Nelson Peltz to organize his daughter Nicola’s wedding to Brooklyn Beckham last year were Braghin and Grijalba of Plan Design Events. Following their termination, Peltz is now suing them for allegedly refusing to return his US$159,000 (£132,000) deposit.

The wedding planners have since launched a countersuit against the billionaire, charging him with poor communication, including a bride who was “too busy” to speak on the phone and making impossible demands at the last minute.

Six weeks before the wedding, on April 9, 2022, Peltz hired Plan Design Events after their original wedding planner Preston Bailey left because he was “overcommitted.” He asserts that they were fired on March 4, 2022, and that he repeatedly requested that they refund the deposit; however, they allegedly refused to do so.

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In the lawsuit, it was discovered that Nicola and Grijalba exchanged curt text messages in which the bride complained that she was “tired of catching mistakes” and referred to the guest list as a “murder scene.” It happened less than a year after the couple wed in a lavish wedding at Peltz’s Palm Beach mansion that is said to have cost more than £3 million.

A message allegedly from Peltz said: “Arianna, I don’t want to keep talking to you, this is clearly not going to work. I will have my people call you. I don’t like to have these types of conversations.”

Nicola seemed to grow angrier about the guestlist in a subsequent text exchange and sent the planners a message that said, “This is not what I asked for. I ASKED FOR OUR INVITE LIST. IN. VITE. NOT. RSVP. Can u [sic] manage to send that to me?

Brooklyn Beckham und Nicola Peltz haben geheiratet: »Mr. & Mrs. Peltz  Beckham« - DER SPIEGEL

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Nicola reportedly responded, “Omg, more like A MURDER SCENE,” when Beckham said in the group chat that the guest list was “a mess.” Peltz stated in his lawsuit that the wedding planners were unable to meet the demands of the VIP guestlist, which included “more than 500 persons, including several celebrities, athletes, statesmen, and other significant individuals who traveled from all over the world to attend.”

Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations, a wedding planner based in New York City, eventually coordinated the wedding. Peltz claimed that as a result of the last-minute hire, he had had to pay Rago a “substantially higher fee than what the Rago Destinations would have charged under normal circumstances”.

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